Weight Loss Success Story | Rittu Mittal | Lost 10 Kg

Weight Loss Success Stories - Rittu Mittal

Weight Loss Success Story | Rittu Mittal | Lost 10 Kg

At the age of 51, fighting with excessive weight and diabetes, life was getting difficult. I wasn’t sure I could ever lose weight or if it was even possible. Then I came across MyDietist and my life began to change. Here is my life changing Weight loss success story.

I started using their services and was shocked with results I began to achieve.  With MyDietist, I learned how eating healthy can be fun and effortless. Eating healthy comes naturally to me know and the biggest advantage was that my blood sugar levels are in control now.

I enjoy following diets planned for me and discover newer healthier things to eat. I can feel a difference in my health and a positive change in my overall personality.  Under the guidance and expert advice of MyDIETist dietitian I lost 10kgs of weight. I was 85kg when I started consulting MyDietist and today I am 75kgs. My life is changed and I am happier and healthier and this is all because of MyDietist.

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