Make Your Weight Loss Diet Plan Effective – 4 Weeks Diet

Weight Loss Indian Diet Chart & Plan

Make Your Weight Loss Diet Plan Effective – 4 Weeks Diet

Weight loss diet plan is what most Indians struggle with and all the new diet plans with fancy names and exotic and new food ingredients make it all the more difficult. If scrutinized closely, weight loss is not as complicated and difficult as it comes across. With a proper weight loss diet plan formulated under the guidance of a certified nutritionist can easily help you lose weight.

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Reasons Why Weight Loss Programs Fail

  1. 1. Stress

    Stress is one factor that incessantly interferes with any weight loss diet. Stress triggers the release of hormone which accelerates fat storage as well as increases cravings for sweet and sugary foods.

    Thus, removing factors that stress you out should be the first step to making any weight loss diet work.

  2. 2. Hormones

    Hormones play a very important role in maintaining or losing weight. Correcting hormonal imbalances is imperative to achieve improved results with any weight loss program.

    Any well-planned Indian weight loss diet helps overcome hormonal resistance and ease your way to weight loss.

  3. 3. Nutritional deficiencies

    It is important to understand that each and every nutrient has a significant role in your body. Deficiency or absence of anyone can lead to other problems and unhealthy weight.

    Once starting with a weight loss program everyone wants faster results but with imposing deficiencies the process can get delayed or fail. Thus a healthy Indian weight loss diet plan should essentially focus on correcting these deficiencies along with weight loss.

  4. 4. Unrealistic expectation

    Most of the people who come looking for weight loss programs and consultation want quicker results.

    Losing weight fast and in short time is what everyone expects but that is not how weight loss, or daresay healthy weight loss works.

    As a result, people fall prey to fad diets.

  5. 5. Lack of compliance

    Not everyone who starts their weight loss journey reaches the end.Lack of motivation and determination is what leads to non-compliance. Weight loss needs patience and perseverance which most people fail to understand.

    1. Define Goal
    2. Track your weight loss.
    3. Exercise is important
    4. Drink lots of water
    5. Get inspired from actual weight loss stories

    weight loss motivation stories
  6. 6. Misconception regarding diets

    The biggest and most common fear amongst people asking to lose weight is that once you stop following a diet, you tend to gain back the lost weight.

    Now, this stands true for fad diets that assert faster and quicker weight loss but not for a personalized and healthy weight loss diet plans. A nutritionally well-balanced Indian weight loss diet is easy to follow and gives you lasting results.


A Well-Balanced Indian Diet Plan

So let’s take a look at what does a healthy well-balanced diet plan includes making it an effective tool for weight loss.

  1. 1. Plant-based diet

    A traditional Indian diet is essentially a plant-based diet which includes the fruits, vegetables, lentils and whole grain cereals.

    A plant-based diet is essential healthy for you as it lowers the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension and certain cancers like breast and colon.

  2. 2. Nutritionally complete

    From proteins, carbohydrates and fats to vitamins and minerals our body needs all the nutrients in balance to function efficiently, stay healthy and most importantly to lose weight.

    A good diet plan generally offers these vital nutrients and antioxidants to boost overall health and help you stay fit.

  3. 3. Includes all food groups

    It is a pre-requisite of any healthy weight loss diet plan to include all the food groups to provide healthy energy and good nutrition. A weight loss plan with all food groups as an integral part helps you lose weight and manage it for a longer time without adversely affecting the body.

    Fad diets that claim rapid weight loss are generally based on the exclusion of one or more food groups leading to nutritional deficiencies and other health issues.

  4. 4. Herbs and spices

    What makes an Indian weight loss diet even more potent and effective is the use of the herbs and spices like turmeric, fenugreek, cumin seeds, cinnamon etc.

    India is a land of spices and each and every spice used in Indian cooking offer a plethora of health benefits, aids in weight loss and regulates hormonal imbalances.

  5. 5. Supplementation

    Indian diet plan for weight loss is generally vegetarian therefore certain nutrients need to be supplemented like vitamin D, vitamin B12 and proteins.

    Whey protein shakes can be added to the diet to fulfil protein requirements.


Foods To Include In Your Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan

You would surely want to add the following foods in your diet plan for weight loss.

  1. 1. Fruits and vegetables

    Try including at least five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet plan. Rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, fruits and vegetables help detoxify your body and lose weight.

    The trick to eating fruits and vegetables is to go for variety in terms of texture and most importantly colour.

  2. 2. Cereals and grains

    Whole grain cereals are needed for fiber, good carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals like zinc and iron. They form the major bulk of your diet and provide healthy natural energy.

  3. 3. Legumes and pulses

    Legumes, pulses and our good old dhal’s are good sources of proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates. Their rich vitamin and mineral profile makes legumes and pulses an indispensable part of the Indian weight loss diet plan.

    Majority of Indian pulses, legumes and dhals have been associated with various health benefits.  They are known to be effective in reducing cholesterol, promote heart health, and manage blood pressure and blood sugar.

  4. 4. Nuts and seeds

    They are the nutritional powerhouses that help boost your metabolism and correct hormonal imbalances both essential to promote weight loss.

    Nuts and seeds are also good sources of proteins, fiber, good fats like omega 3 and antioxidants.

  5. 5. Dairy

    Dairy and dairy products are imperative for calcium, zinc, vitamin D and proteins. Milk in the form of fat-free or low fat can be incorporated into the diet.

  6. 6. Soya

    Soya is a good alternative for vegans as well as vegetarian. It contains proteins and phytoestrogen that is helpful in regulating hormonal imbalances and also against osteoarthritis.


Foods To Avoid In Your Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan

The biggest folly of today’s lifestyle is the abundance of processed foods in our diets. These processed foods are loaded with sugar, salt, chemicals and unhealthy fats like Tran’s fat and saturated fat.

If you are looking for healthy weight loss then staying away from these unhealthy junk is wise.
Check your diet to strike off the following foods:

  1. Sweetened beverages like flavoured soda, soft drinks, energy drinks, sweetened tea and coffee, flavoured milk etc.
  2. Sweeteners – Products containing sugar, jaggery, honey, condensed milk add to the calories and should be avoided. Artificial sweeteners in the product should also be discouraged.
  3. Sauces – Available in wide variety and varied flavours like barbeque, mustard, sweet onion, mayonnaise and also our good old ketchup are high in chemical, preservative and artificial flavorous. They are also high in sugar and salt content, both a detriment to your weight loss efforts.
  4. High fat junk – Mostly all the fast food like burgers, pizza, wraps fries, ready-to-eat crisps and chips, fall under this category.
  5. Refined flours – Include white flour and its products like white bread, pasta, biscuits etc.


The Best 4-Week Diet Plan For Your Health Goal

An expert nutritionist can help you to incorporate all Indian super foods.

A personalised diet plan helps as it is made as per your individual requirements however to make the concept of Indian weight loss diet easy to understand the following sample diet plan will help.

Week 1 : Weight Loss Meal Plan

Early Morning: 1 Glass Warm Water + Cinnamon Powder + Ginger Juice.

Breakfast: Oats + Milk / Eggs Sw -1/ Ragi Dosa-2 + Sambhar- 1 Bowl.

Mid – Morning: Nuts + Buttermilk/ Coconut Water

Lunch: Salad/ Soup + Multigrain Rotis -2 + Veg 1 Bowl + Dal -1 Bowl + Curd -1 Bowl

Evening: 1 Bowl Sprouts + Green Tea  +Fruits

Dinner: Salad/ Soup + Multigrain Rotis -1 + Veg 1 Bowl + Dal -1 Bowl / Paneer 1 Bowl+ Curd -1 Bowl

Week 2 : Weight Loss Meal Plan

Early Morning: 1 Glass Warm Water + Mint Leaves + Ginger Juice + Ajwain

Breakfast: Oats + Milk / Eggs Sw/ Paneer /SW/ Sprouts + 1 Roti

Mid – Morning: Nuts + Buttermilk/ Coconut Water

Lunch: Salad/ Soup + Multigrain Rotis -1 Rice – 1Bowl + Veg 1 Bowl + Egg/ Paneer- 1 Bowl+ Curd -1 Bowl

Evening: Green Tea   + 1 Egg + 1Fruit

Dinner: Salad/ Soup + Multigrain Rotis -1/ Dalia- 1 Bowl + Veg 1 Bowl + Fish / Paneer 1 Bowl+ Curd -1 Bowl

Week 3 : Weight Loss Meal Plan

Early Morning: Wheatgrass- + Ginger + Lemon

Breakfast: Eggs Sw/ Paneer -SW/Moong Chilla – 2 + Curd

Mid – Morning: Nuts + Buttermilk/ Coconut Water

Lunch: Salad/ Soup + Dalia – 1 Bowl + Veg 1 Bowl + Egg/ Paneer- 1 Bowl+ Curd -1 Bowl

Evening: Makhanas Chaat + 1 Fruit + Coconut Water

Dinner: Salad/ Soup + Paneer / Chicken – 1 Bowl + Veg =-1 Bowl

Week 4 : Weight Loss Meal Plan

Early Morning: Green Drink

Breakfast: Eggs + 1 Fruit / Paneer + 1  Jowar Roti

Mid – Morning: Nuts + Buttermilk/ Coconut Water

Lunch: Salad/ Soup + Moog Cheela / Jowar Chilla + Veg 1 Bowl + Egg/ Paneer- 1 Bowl+ Curd -1 Bowl

Evening: Egg /Paneer Sauteed/ Sprouts + Green Tea

Dinner: Salad/ Soup + Paneer / Chicken – 1 Bowl + Veg =-1 Bowl


Few Smart Tips To Achieve Greater Success With Your Weight Loss Plan

  1. 1. Don’t skip meals

    Contrary to the belief, starvation promotes weight gain instead of aiding weight loss. Thus the key to effective weight loss is eating healthy food.

  2. 2. Eat small frequent meals

    Eating small frequent meals helps you in two ways.

    Firstly, it helps cut down on portion sizes and secondly, it helps controlling calorie intake, both fundamental for effective weight loss.

  3. 3. Go for homemade food

    Avoid last-minute pick of reading to eat foods or restaurant prepared food or fast foods. Take time to prepare food at home as it helps you control the ingredients you use and eat better quality food.

  4. 4. Limit usage of salt and sugar

    Both salt and sugar contribute greatly to your weight, therefore, being mindful of both is advised. Take into consideration all the processed food you eat as they are loaded with salt and sugar.

    Limiting daily consumption of salt and sugar should be your first step of intervention.

  5. 5. Stay hydrated

    Drink plenty of water as it aids in digestion and most important helps flush out toxins.

    Toxins are a contributing factor to weight gain and obesity especially abdominal obesity. Plain Water, lemon water, coconut water and healthy detox waters are some ways to detoxify your body.

  6. 6. Limit the intake of stimulants

    Stimulants like caffeine from coffee, tea, alcohol, colas and energy drinks. Even the unsweetened energy drinks and coffees are discouraged while on weight loss diet plan.


Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan And Its Benefits

Weight is one of the main reason why the lifestyle-based diseases are on the rise. Be it diabetes or hypertension all are linked to unhealthy weight gain and obesity. The rise hormonal disorders like PCOS and thyroid are closely associated with weight gain and obesity.

Thus in the light of the current scenario in India, the weight loss is needed to live a healthy disease-free life.

There is much evidence on how effective and healthy weight loss programs have helped people change their quality of life. Healthy weight loss programs are designed not only to promote weight loss but also help fight against diseases.

  1. Diabetes : A healthy diet focuses that on eliminating sugar, sweetened products, fat and unhealthy carbohydrates by default helps promote a better sugar control.
  2. Hypertension : An Indian weight loss diet plan packed with fiber, fruits and vegetables has shown exciting results when it comes to managing blood pressures.
  3. Heart diseases : The risk of heart diseases associated with high cholesterol can be reduced to a greater extent with an Indian weight loss diet plans as it is bursting with antioxidants, healthy fats and fiber.
  4. PCOS : Weight loss and PCOS are inter-connected. Even a small loss in weight in women with PCOS has shown to reduce symptoms, regularize menstrual cycles and promote fertility. The superfoods like nuts, spices and seeds which are central to the Indian diet help correct hormonal imbalance and promote healthy weight loss in women with PCOS.
  5. Thyroid : Weight gain is a common problem in people with thyroid disorders. Losing weight is not easy in people with thyroid but a well-planned diet can help you lose weight over time as well as improve hormonal imbalance.

An Indian diet plan for weight loss help you achieve long-term goals and at the same time helps prevent as well as overcome the majority of diseases.



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