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Spinach Basil Stuffed Chicken

Spinach Basil Chicken

A Protein Package when you are following your Diet for Weight Loss Normally people prefer having chicken in form of nuggets or lollypops etc. which involves frying it. But when on a diet for weight loss, people generally end up not having chicken as they don’t find it tasty enough. That’s not the case. Chicken form an important source of proteins and including it in diet for weight loss makes it nutritionally rich and tasty.Below mentioned recipe is a treat to [...]

Flax Seed Raita

Flax Seed Raita

A Yummy way to include Curd in your Vegetarian Diet Vegetarian Diet is always questioned for its protein content,but Pulses,Dals,Legumes,Dairy Products and Soya can help in meeting your normal protein levels.Dairy products like Curd, Lassi, Milk, Paneer etc should be there in your each meal while following Vegetarian Diet.Curd in the form of varieties of RAITA is the most tastier way to include in your Vegetarian Diet and increase its protein content.Flax seed Raita is again a innovative recipe that [...]

Cold Avocado Soup

Cold Avocado Soup

A Soup with a twist for a Healthy Diet for Weight Loss. Ideally, while following a diet for weight loss, certain foods like soups, salads, fruits are very common. A common mistake that people do while following a diet for weight loss is being only on Soups, Salads or skipping meals. Its very important for the diet to be nutritionally balanced.Including soups with the balanced diet takes care of the intake of fibers and vitamins and minerals required by the body.Below [...]

Chicken Stir-Fry

Chicken Stir-Fry

A High Protein Meal Option for your Weight Loss Diet Plan It’s a myth that Chicken is high in fat and so has to be avoided while following a weight loss diet plan. Its the skin that is rich in fats .Chicken when consumed in lean form i.e without the skin is a rich source of Protein. So lean chicken can be included in the weight loss diet plan as it will increase the protein content of the diet.Animal proteins [...]


Greeny Tofu

A perfect high protein option to be included post your workout in your Diet for Weight Loss It is certainly a misconception that Diet for Weight loss has boring and  limited options mostly for the evening snack and post workout, when your body needs a bit of extra energy and proteins.Few healthy options like egg whites,nuts & Protein bars can be definitely be had post your workout but over a period of time it becomes boring as its difficult to [...]

Protein Powerhouse for Vegetarian Diet – Panch Dal Recipe

With the world moving towards following Vegetarianism, there are times when it becomes difficult to make a Vegetarian Diet nutritionally rich. One of such Macro Nutrient is Protein.There is no such foods in the Vegetarian Diet that provides you complete Proteins. In such cases the quality of Proteins can be improved by using a combination of different sources.Dals form a base of a  Vegetarian Diet. Apart from being a good quality of Proteins, they are also low in Fats, rich in Fibers [...]

Effective Diet for Weight Loss – Broccoli Paneer Salad

Broccoli Paneer Salad - Diet for Weight Loss  Bored of eating your same old salads? Try out this Unique Diet for Weight Loss by Nutritionist Prachi Sanghvi.Broccoli is considered as Worlds healthiest foods. It helps prevent Cancer and aids Bone and Heart Health. It is a perfect Diet for Weight loss since its good in carbs and high in fiber, which aids digestion and prevents constipation. It helps maintain low blood sugar, thereby curbing overeatingPaneer as it is a critical [...]