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Skipping Meals to Lose Weight – A Wrong Path to Take

Skipping Meals to Lose Weight – A Wrong Path to Take

Wondering how to lose weight? Eat regularly and stay fit. Losing weight is like a battle we fight with ourselves; not to win but in order to lose. In order to reach our goal we pursue different paths, some lead us to our destination while others simply mislead us.Skipping meals to lose weight sounds reasonable to some. ‘We gain weight eating, so starving is a way to lose it’, is a general approach. But does it really work? I dare [...]


Have you also fallen prey to Fad Diet?

Facts about Fad Diet: The trending Diet plan for Weight Loss Fad diet. Both words are self explanatory. While Diet, which is usually meant to either lose or gain weight by regulating one’s daily eating, Fad is more of a craze or a whim, which may not always be logically or scientifically right.The phrase ‘fad diet’ got its popularity from the glamour world where people follow crazy diet sessions to get into shape fast. The results are impressive and help [...]



Nutrition for Healthy Living with Glaucoma When it comes to healthy living, what comes to our mind is mostly maintaining weight or may be regular blood check ups or visiting doctor regularly. Eyes are generally the most avoided organs. We are not regular with Eye check ups and eye health is mostly avoided unless some symptoms are observed. Generally the symptoms of eye disease are misunderstood as some common infection. One of such common disorder is Glaucoma.Glaucoma is an eye [...]

3 Colorful Recipes for Holi

#1. Bread TartsIngredients1/2 Cup Sweet Corn 2 Table_Sp Red Capsicum (Bell Pepper) Finely Chopped 2 Table_Sp Yellow Capsicum (Bell Pepper) Finely Chopped 2 Table_Sp Green Capsicum (Bell Pepper) Finely Chopped 1/8 Cup Onion Finely Chopped 1/4 Cup Tomato Peeled, Blanched and Chopped 1/2 Tea_Sp Garlic Clove Finely Chopped 3/4 Tea_Sp Oil 1/3 Tea_Sp Mixed Herbs 1/2 Tea_Sp Chili Seasoning (Chili Flakes) Salt To TasteFor Bread Tarts2 Slice Whole Wheat Bread Crust removed 1/8 Tea_Sp Butter Melted, For GreasingFor Garnishing1 Tea_Sp Tomato Sauce 2 Tea_Sp Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Low Fat GratedMethod:For the fillingHeat [...]