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Tips for kids: Myth Fat Children Are Healthy Busted

Myth: Fat Children Are Healthy, With Age Baby Fat Will Go Away

Back in childhood, we all have been through the times when our mommies and grannies tried feeding us way more than what our little stomachs could accommodate. The reason being, children are supposed to be ‘healthy’ (where ‘being healthy’ denoted ‘being rotund). This very misconception is one primary reason why the number of obese people is on an alarming rise in India.Ever found yourself pinching a plump kid’s chubby cheeks because they looked cute? This very thought drives so [...]

A Bitter-Sweet Truth About Artificial Sweeteners for your healthy living.

A Bitter-Sweet Truth about Artificial Sweeteners

Sugar doesn’t quite have the best reputation, especially if you are looking to follow a healthy living lifestyle. However, let’s admit that we all love our sugary guilty pleasures. Whether occasionally or frequently, it isn’t easy to say no to these pockets of joy. Which is why we have more and more people turning to artificial sweeteners as a lower-calorie alternative to sugar.Artificial sweeteners are synthetic sugar substitutes that mimic the taste of sugar without the calories. Hence they [...]

Foods that promote Healthy Living & Improve fertility

We Are What We Eat: Foods That Promote Fertility

The first step to better fertility is to ensure you have healthy living and stay fit physically and medically.Infertility is medically defined as the inability to conceive after one year of trying for a baby. There are various factors that impact fertility. Medical conditions, unhealthy lifestyle, and improper diet are just some of them. Besides, nature’s clock too reduces fertility as age advances. Many women, who actively pursue their career, may get married at a late age, when their [...]

Eating Disorder

Eating Disorders – Healthy Living Tips for Weight Management

Physical attributes play a very crucial role especially amongst adolescents and teens for whom a perfect physique and body means everything. Distortions in this so-called “perfect body” lead further to many psychological issues; one such rising issue being eating disorders.Eating disorders can be defined as extreme emotions, attitudes, and behaviors towards weight and eating habits such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder.ANOREXIA NERVOSAAnorexia is a condition where people starve themselves in their pursuit of losing weight. People with [...]

How to cook healthy – Follow these Healthy Living Tips as a Guide

How to cook healthy – Follow these Healthy Living Tips as a Guide

“You are what you eat”. Sounds familiar, right? Given today’s lifestyle and food habits, this is something which has almost slipped off our minds, thus making it necessary for us to follow some quick healthy living tips.. While we stress over so many kinds of work outs and therapies for physical well-being, we forget to look into the most important part: Food. A little change in food and cooking habits will help us stay away from so many health [...]

Understand your oil to lead a Healthy Living

Oils the Misunderstood Nutrient

Your sister suddenly drops in on a casual visit with her 5 year old son. You decide to give the adorable scamp a little treat. So you open the freezer to reach out for that packet of uncooked herbs and potatoes, and quickly deep fry a generous portion. As you serve the smoking hot savouries with some spicy tomato sauce, you watch your nephew’s eyes beam with delight. As he hastily chomps on the fourth wedge of potato unabashed [...]

5 Foods for Healthier Hair

5 Foods for Healthy Hair and Healthy Living

Hair changes everything. Not just the way you look but also the way you feel. Some like it cropped and straight, others long and curly. In short, it reflects you and the space you are in. But with all that our hair is exposed to these days, whether it is harsh chemicals in hair colors, shampoos or even all the air pollution, it’s getting more and more difficult to have healthy hair.Nutrition plays a vital role for healthy living, similarly [...]


A Guide To Healthy Living-Eating Healthy while Eating Out

Healthy living, is living in a healthy way and implies physical, mental and spiritual capacity of a person to make healthy choicesHunger can strike at any hour of the clock. It could be when you are waiting for your bus, driving through the town, working long hours at the office or just while taking a long walk. And this is what changes your track and lands you on the door of your nearest restaurant. More and more people now [...]



Love yourself enough to have a Healthy living – Stop Smoking With every healthy living choice we make, we reduce the risk of diseases and health problems. Choosing to quit smoking is one of such Healthy living habit.We all have read this statutory warning a million times but kills to quit the habit that can eventually kill you. Here are some of the basic facts that every urban smoker should be aware about smokingAccording to research, every single cigarette reduces [...]

French Beans with Garlic

French Beans with Garlic

French Beans with Garlic- a Healthy Option for a Vegetarian Diet Vegetarian Diet generally involves using a lot of vegetables to make the dish tasty and nutritionally balanced ,thus making it necessary for us to introduce more and more vegetable based new recipes for Vegetarian diet.Vegetables like Onion, Tomato, Capsicum, Spring Onion , Cabbage and French Beans are some vegetables that are commonly used in Vegetarian Diet to make food tasty and are also available in almost all seasons.  Serving2 Medium BowlIngredientsTea_Sp Oil 2 Tea_Sp [...]