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Importance of Diet to help Epilepsy Patients lead a healthy living

How Does Diet Help Epilepsy Patients?

1 out of every 100-200 people in India suffer from epilepsy. It is a neurological disorder characterized by recurrent and unpredictable seizures (commonly known as fit). Though epilepsy need not be feared more than diabetes or hypertension, yet there is a social stigma which makes healthy living and normal life i.e.- going to school, marrying and finding employment difficult for these people.A person to be diagnosed with epilepsy should have at least two seizures that were not caused by some [...]

6 Ways to Help You Lose Weight At Home This Diwali

Diwali: A Festival Or A Feast | 6 Tips To Stay Fit

Diwali is here. The time of the year where everyone sends their diet for a toss and dives right in to the mithai platter. Diwali brings along with it a lot of relatives, a lot of food and a lot of good times. But apart from the lights and family get-togethers, Diwali is a festival coated in ghee and sugar.The grandeur of sweet treats and rich meals is seen across households in India. Sweets are shared around in circles [...]

9 Diet Myths Debunked - Truth about Healthy Living

9 Diet Myths Debunked | Here’s The Truth

It’s disappointing to have to lug around a few extra pounds, especially when you’ve been experimenting with that new diet for weeks now. Today, more and more people are switching from one diet to another to lose weight because they assume that it’s easy, sustainable and will help them with healthy living. To be fair, we have to say that many of them seem to succeed in the short-term, however fail in the long-term. In other cases where people [...]

Snacking:An important meal when on diet for fitness

Snacking: A Key To Good Health

Bouts of hunger between meals are something we all have experienced. Some fight the urge to eat while some just give in and indulge themselves. What if we were to tell you that eating between meals is perfectly fine, in fact it is must in your diet for fitness.Yes, it is true. Small light meals or snacks in between our regular three meals regime of breakfast, lunch and dinner, is a healthy practice and offers great advantages as listed [...]

Black Grape Smoothie

A low calorie diet is generally diet with approximately 1000-1200 kcal/day .It is generally given during weight loss to help lose approximately 500g- 700g per week.With such a low calorie diet it is difficult to imagine incorporating dessert in it especially when a person wants to achieve targeted results.Black Grape Smoothie is a perfect low calorie dessert that can be easily included in a low calorie diet as it provides only 85 kcal per serving,The Blue/Purple hues in foods [...]

Mixed Dal Dosa

Mixed Dal Dosa

An Easy to make Recipe while on a Diet for Weight Loss There are times when while following the diet for weight loss, one has to compromise on their taste buds. Either someone gives up on following the diet or ends up following it without enjoying it.One of such ingredient is Rice. Rice is a complete NO NO while on a diet for weight loss. There are certain recipes where rice can be replaced by other ingredients and can be consumed.Below mentioned [...]