Success Stories | Milesh Mody | Lost 15 kgs

Success Stories | Milesh Mody | Lost 15 kgs

When we attempt something on our own and don’t succeed, try taking advice from an expert. It may become a game changer for you. Just like it did for me with my weight loss program.

I was a regular at the gym and ate what I thought was reasonably healthy, but my efforts were not paying dividends. Until I started using MyDietist. That’s when I understood the effect different food groups have on our body. It’s simple science at the end of the day, yet not many of us use this knowledge to our advantage. More than being occasionally indolent, many of us may actually be unaware about how simply introducing a new food group, or gradually replacing an existing one, or changing the proportions of what we eat can make a worthwhile difference. And that’s exactly what happened to me.

I have been following the diet along with the exercise regimen for 4 months now under the guidance of Prachi, and I can say that each month has been rewarding. I’ve lost 15 kgs so far, a feat that I could not achieve before. My biggest gain is my biggest loss! What made it easier for me was the weekly menu and recipes the app provides. It saves you the time and effort of making your own diet chart or finding recipes. It’s all readymade and scientifically prepared. MyDietist has proved that it’s worth its salt – it delivers the sweet taste of success! Try it to believe it.

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