Sprouts: The Food That Grows On You!

Sprouts: The Food That Grows On you and helps Healthy Living

Sprouts: The Food That Grows On You!

Welcome to the world of sprouts. In case you haven’t already befriended these curly-wurly wonders from the plant kingdom, here are 6 good enough reasons for you to do so.

1.    High In Nutrients, High In taste
Sprouts score high in nutrition by packing-in vitamins, fibre, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes. In fact, one of the most effective ways to achieve healthy living is to eat a lot of organically grown foods. And sprouts just fit the bill. You can easily grow sprouts like green gram, bengal gram, chickpeas and lentils right in your kitchen.   You can add them to any gravy of your choice or add some crunchiness to your salad.
Sprouts start off as seeds but gradually germinate into very young plants which burst with freshness and nutrition.

2.    Helps Shed Calories
If you are looking to reduce your weight and your waistline, try including sprouts in your diet and see the results. The fibre in sprouts gives you energy and keeps you feeling full for long. So in case of a hunger pang, you can attack a bowl of sprouts.

3.    Regulates Blood Pressure
High or low blood pressure is a problem that is increasingly afflicting our society today. Most of the heart and blood pressure problems are due to excess intake of sodium. Sprouts can reduce heart-related problems and regulate blood pressure levels, as they are free from sodium, thereby increasing the healthy living practice.

4.    Detoxifies The System
Sprouts increase your digestion power to flush out the impurities, and detoxify your blood. They bring about blood purification and strengthen the immune system.

5.    Arrests Acidity
Fast foods often find their way in our fast life. These are harbingers of acidity and hyper-acidity. Acidity affects our healthy living in many ways ranging from stomach pain to heart burn. Sprouts are alkaline, whole, pure and natural foods that help neutralize the acids and maintain the pH balance of our bodyfluids.

6.    Nourishes The Skin And Hair
Consuming sprouts even does wonders externally. They contain high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, which decrease inflammation and reduce the risk of acne. At the same time, they also provide vital nourishment to the hair follicles. They also keep dandruff at bay and help fight hair loss. Regular consumption yields younger-looking skin and lustrous hair.
Now that you have enough reasons to include them regularly in your diet, go ahead and soak those lentils tonight. And gift yourself  healthy living  each new day!

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