Success Stories | Manoj Bhat | Lost 8.5 kgs in 5 months

Success Stories | Manoj Bhat | Lost 8.5 kgs in 5 months

I can sum up my experience with MyDietist in just one word – Funtastic! Which is a combination of ‘fun’ and ‘taste’. It’s Prachi who has really made an awesome difference to my life. Whenever I used to read about others claiming to have shed so much weight in just a matter of a few months, I used to doubt those numbers. Those who wish to lose weight but are skeptical about such claims need to have Prachi as their advisor. She can do wonders which you alone cannot. And here is the proof of how the impossible became possible for me – losing 8.5 kgs in a matter of just 5 months!

Prachi knew I had a weakness for South Indian food like idlis, dosas and rice. While carefully restructuring my diet, she made sure that the foodie in me was not dissatisfied with the new plan. She also suggested alternative healthy food options from different food groups, which gradually reduced my craving for rice during meals. And before I realised it, my weighing scale started bringing a smile to my face. With Prachi guiding me all the way, the journey from 95 kgs to 86.5 kgs seemed effortless, and not alone.

What’s more, the Adherance Monitoring feature in the app really helped me stay on track and become accountable for what I eat. I soon started changing my food habits. Losing weight has now become thrilling and motivating. I would recommend MyDietist to anyone who is skeptical or has lost motivation as far as weight loss in concerned.

Cheers to Prachi!

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