Sama Khichdi Recipe | Ease your fast

Sama also known as little millet is a nutritional haven for everyone. Millets the widely grown in India are nutritional powerhouses. They contain three to five times more proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals compared to wheat and rice. The best part about millet is that they don’t attract pest so fertilizer and pesticides are not commonly used. In simply terms you can enjoy all millets in there truest and organic form.Sama or little millet, though little is big on [...]

thyroid disorder and diet plan

Thyroid and Diet Plan: The Natural Way of Hypothyroidism Treatment

1 in every 10 Indian suffers from the thyroid disorder and it is particularly common among women. The disorders of thyroid can range from a harmless goiter to thyroid cancers. But the most prevalent thyroid disorders seen in people are the disorder related to the production of thyroid hormones. What Is Thyroid? The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped organ located above the larynx in the neck.  The thyroid gland greatly impacts the body function because the hormones produced by the [...]

Success Stories | Amitabh Kumar | Lost 8 kgs

In this day and age, it is hard to keep up with work and lead a healthy lifestyle, especially with a ridiculously packed work schedule like mine. My associates call at inconvenient times and entertaining those drains energy and the will to lead an efficient diet and exercise plan. MyDIETist helped me plan and take time out for my health despite my hard schedule. It took some time to get used to the scheduling and follow everything to the [...]

Success Stories | Seema Kango | Lost 18 kgs

Pregnancy had changed my body. My sleep cycle, appetite, food cravings were affected a lot. Diet during pregnancy consisted of large servings of meals with healthy portions of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Also, giving in to cravings and a lot of comfort food, mindlessly binging on food in odd hours, physical inactivity, sedentary lifestyle and fluctuating sleeping hours during pregnancy lead to 32 kg weight gain.  Even post pregnancy I continued the similar diet, I thought breastfeeding my child [...]

Success Stories | Amandeep Chaddha | Lost 5 kgs

First of all, I would like to thank Mydietist.com for helping me sail through smoothly this crucial phase of my life. However, this whole process was not easy, however, my personal dietician who took care of all my queries and sorted all my concerns resolved all my worries related to my health and diet. I strongly recommend mydietist.com to all my friends and family members and this story of mine is my means to reach out to all those [...]

Holi Recipes

Healthy Recipes For Holi

#1. Paneer PickupsIngredientsFor Marination1/4 cup Coriander 1 Table_Sp Peanuts 1/4 Table_Sp Lemon juice 1 Piece Green chillies 1/2 Table_Sp Low fat curd Sugar As per taste Salt As per tasteOther Ingredients100 grams Low fat paneer 1/8 Cup Boiled Corns 1 Table_Sp Onions 1/2 Table_Sp Coriander 1/2 Table_Sp Milk 1 Tea_Sp Oil Sugar As per taste Salt As per tasteMethod:For the MarinationBlender all the ingredients except curds. Remove the blended mixture in a bowl and add curds to it and mix well.Paneer PickupsCut the Paneer into 4 Equal pieces. Marinate the paneer pieces in the above prepared coating mixture for 30 mins [...]


Quinoa Soup with Chicken

Serving10 Soup BowlIngredients2 Table_Sp Olive Oil 1 Cup Onion chopped 3 Medium Garlic Clove 1/4 Cup Carrot diced 2 Table_Sp Oregano 2 Table_Sp Jeera (Cumin) ground 1 Tea_Sp Red Chilli Flakes 2 1/2 Cup Chicken Breast chopped 200 Ml Chicken Broth 2 Cup Tomato skewed 1 Cup QuinoaMethod:Rinse quinoa Cook quinoa for 5 minutes. Chop/dice all vegetables and chicken breast. Heat oil on high heat Brown chicken Add garlic, onion, carrot and celery; cook for 5 minutes Add oregano, cumin and paprika Add chicken broth and tomatoes pulp Simmer for 10-15 minutesNutritive Value: Calories    Carbs    Proteins   [...]


9 Healthy Recipes For Navratri

Recipe 1: Dudhi Raita (Serve 1 : Large bowl) Ingredients:1/4 Cup Dudhi/Lauki (Bottle Gourd) grated 2 Table_Sp Pudina (Mint) Leaves chopped 1 Cup Low Fat Dahi (Curd) whisked 1/4 Tea_Sp Jeera (Cumin) roasted 1/4 Tea_Sp Sanchal (Black Salt) 1/2 Tea_Sp Sugar *Add to taste: Salt,PepperRecipe: Steam the bottle gourd in a steamer on a medium flame for 4 to 5 minutes. Allow to cool completely. Squeeze out little water from the steamed bottle guard. Combine all the remaining ingredients along with the steamed bottle gourd in a deep bowl and [...]

Diet For Fitness – 8 Alternatives To Ditch Diet Soda

Diet For Fitness – 8 Alternatives To Ditch Diet Soda

Diet for fitness is the new buzz word. People have become aware of importance of fitness. But yet people are fond of high calorie fizzy carbonated drinks. Especially, `Diet Soda' has become a craze among youngsters today. It's become a popular notion to think of them as a healthy alternative as opposed to high calorie fizzy carbonated drinks. But the truth is far different. Diet sodas, also called ‘no calorie drinks’ or ‘zero calorie drinks’ may save you from the [...]

6 health boosters which won’t take time

If like everyone else you are short of time, here are 6 simple tips that you can add to your daily routine and boost your health quotient….and which won’t take time.1. Stretch - Start stretching when you wake up. It helps boost circulation, improve digestion and ease back pain.2. Calcite - Drink milk, eat yoghurt or pop your calcium tablet. It will keep your bones strong.3. Laugh & Cry - A good laugh and sob is good for you. They boost the immune system and [...]