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Weigh loss success story by Yash

Weight Loss Success Story | Yash Narkhede | 15 KG Weight Loss

Weight fluctuations were common in my case but then last year my weight suddenly increased by 20kgs. I got really worried and decided it was time to get professional help. I came to know about MyDietist through Instagram and immediately approached them for their services.Once my journey with MyDietist began I could feel positive changes in me. MyDIETist Dietitian was great mentor helping and advising at each step. She motivated and kept me focussed on my goal thus playing [...]

Weight Loss Success Stories - Rittu Mittal

Weight Loss Success Story | Rittu Mittal | Lost 10 Kg

At the age of 51, fighting with excessive weight and diabetes, life was getting difficult. I wasn’t sure I could ever lose weight or if it was even possible. Then I came across MyDietist and my life began to change. Here is my life changing Weight loss success story.I started using their services and was shocked with results I began to achieve.  With MyDietist, I learned how eating healthy can be fun and effortless. Eating healthy comes naturally to [...]

Success Stories | Neelam Gulrajani | Lost 12 kgs

Like any other girl facing her quarter-life crisis, being overweight and out of shape makes things worse. My height was less than average and having the wrong body mass index while one is short in height makes one look even fatter. I had been overweight for most of my late teenage life and which was not a very big concern to me in the initial days however when days passed by and I as getting older this led to [...]

Success Stories | Prabha Mantry | Lost 8 kgs in 5 sessions

Taking care of the family leaves very little time for me to take care of myself. Even though I did not have any medical issues, however, being overweight was sort of inconvenience as it made me lethargic. Juggling between family life and work I hardly used to find time to follow a routine lifestyle for myself. I always gave preference to the routine of my kids and husband and did neglect my own diet and routine. My weight had [...]

Success Stories | Swati Gupta | Lost 12.3 kgs

It is difficult to explain what it is to stay alone in a cosmopolitan city and that too away from my family and loved ones. Above all being overweight was not just a physical inconvenience but also starts to affect your self-confidence and leads to poor self-esteem. At the age of 30, which is supposed to be the age when a girl is most affected by the peer pressure on the lines of both personal and professional life. This [...]

Success Stories | Praful Palekar | Lost 1.5 kgs in 2 months

For a man who weighs 76.7 kgs, you would question the need of following any diet program, but my story is about achieving inch loss more than weight loss. And I accomplished most of it purely by controlling my diet. Doing this on your own would be quite difficult, unless you are a dietician or a nutritionist. Since I was neither, I chose the simple way out – by using MyDietist. That’s where I found the path to my goal. [...]

Success Stories | Sailesh Patel| Lost 3.5 kgs in 1.5 months

Can you guess what’s even better than losing weight and inches? Building muscle! That’s right. Muscle melts away excess fat from the body and makes it firm and rigid. The flab automatically gives way to a body with a well-toned look. This is what I experienced with MyDietist while also shedding a few kilos. Muscle gain is characterized by a weight gain because muscle weighs more than fat. However, in my case, I achieved muscle gain, weight loss and inch [...]

Success Stories | Ritesh Bhuva | Lost 9 kgs in 3 months

There were two things for me that mattered the most when I was walking daily for around 45 mins and still struggling to lose weight. First, getting dietary advice without having to physically go to a dietician, and second to discover a healthy diet that would still satisfy my pampered taste buds. MyDietist not just delivered on both these requirements, it actually helped me lose weight too.Several people feel that only mean and cruel diets actually effect weight loss, [...]

Success Stories | Milesh Mody | Lost 15 kgs

When we attempt something on our own and don’t succeed, try taking advice from an expert. It may become a game changer for you. Just like it did for me with my weight loss program.I was a regular at the gym and ate what I thought was reasonably healthy, but my efforts were not paying dividends. Until I started using MyDietist. That’s when I understood the effect different food groups have on our body. It’s simple science at the [...]

Success Stories | Manoj Bhat | Lost 8.5 kgs in 5 months

I can sum up my experience with MyDietist in just one word - Funtastic! Which is a combination of ‘fun’ and ‘taste’. It’s Prachi who has really made an awesome difference to my life. Whenever I used to read about others claiming to have shed so much weight in just a matter of a few months, I used to doubt those numbers. Those who wish to lose weight but are skeptical about such claims need to have Prachi as [...]