Importance of Diet to help Epilepsy Patients lead a healthy living

How Does Diet Help Epilepsy Patients?

1 out of every 100-200 people in India suffer from epilepsy. It is a neurological disorder characterized by recurrent and unpredictable seizures (commonly known as fit). Though epilepsy need not be feared more than diabetes or hypertension, yet there is a social stigma which makes healthy living and normal life i.e.- going to school, marrying and finding employment difficult for these people.A person to be diagnosed with epilepsy should have at least two seizures that were not caused by some [...]

Tips For Kids

Juvenile Diabetes – Tips For Kids To Help Manage It

Type 1 diabetes or T1D (also known as juvenile diabetes and insulin dependent diabetes) is a chronic illness characterized by the body’s inability to produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by the beta-cells of the pancreas. The main role of insulin is to allow the uptake of glucose by various cells of the body.Glucose — a sugar — is a main source of energy for the cells that make up muscles and other tissues. In absence of insulin [...]

9 Tips for Kids to Control their Fussy Eating Habits

9 Tips To Control The Fussy Eater In Every House!

If you have children at home, chances are you are dealing with a fussy eater. That means you have to spend a substantial amount of time convincing them to eat healthy food and in some cases, even eat at all. Children are stubborn and if they say no to something, they usually stick to it. But that leaves parents worrying about how to get them to eat food that’s good for them. Many of them have even come up [...]

8 Tips for Kids to make them Love Fruits and Vegetables

8 Tips for Kids to make them Love Fruits and Vegetables

Imagine a day when your child eats everything you give him for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, and that too without a fuss. Be it fruits or vegetables, they gladly down it. Wouldn’t that be an ideal day for you as parents? Sadly, very few of us have such ideal days. This is because 70% of kids find fruits and vegetables boring and uninteresting to eat, thus making it a task for parents. Let us understand why are fruits [...]

Tips for kids: Myth Fat Children Are Healthy Busted

Myth: Fat Children Are Healthy, With Age Baby Fat Will Go Away

Back in childhood, we all have been through the times when our mommies and grannies tried feeding us way more than what our little stomachs could accommodate. The reason being, children are supposed to be ‘healthy’ (where ‘being healthy’ denoted ‘being rotund). This very misconception is one primary reason why the number of obese people is on an alarming rise in India.Ever found yourself pinching a plump kid’s chubby cheeks because they looked cute? This very thought drives so [...]

Folic Acid: A Important Vitamin in a Pregnancy Diet

Folic Acid: A Much Needed Vitamin For Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one the most awaited time of a woman’s life. Becoming a mother is a beautiful transformation but this period is also the most demanding and a crucial stage. Proper care at this pivotal time determines the health and well-being of the to-be-born baby and the mother. Folic acid plays a vital role when it comes to pregnancy and dealing with its complications. Folic acid (Vitamin B9) is water soluble B vitamin that every cell in our body needs [...]


Importance of Functional Foods in your Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Balanced Diet plan for Weight Loss is incomplete without the incorporation correct functional foods A healthy diet plan for weight loss includes all the necessary nutrients required by your body within the limits of your daily calorie intake. It is found that certain food and food components have beneficial physiological and psychological effects except from that of providing nutrients.Such foods are called as Functional foods.Functional food is food which is given an additional function (often one related to health-promotion or [...]

4 Key Nutrients For Your Children

4 Key Nutrients For Your Child

Gift your Child Healthy Living... Its shall last forever You are what you eat and vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats are really important to our healthy living. And this is more so important for children who are growing and developing. The nutritional requirement for children is quite different from the adults and a lack of nutrients can put them at a greater risk of malnourishment.Since children need more of the nutrients in their tender growing age, we’ve explained which [...]

Gift Your Child the Key to Healthy Living

Gift Your Child the Key to Healthy Living

Healthy Living –  A childhood Boon given by parents that will stay with kids even after them A few days ago I heard my little niece ask her mother why must we eat, to which her mother replied, “because food gives us the energy that we need to survive and for healthy living.” Such a simple yet apt answer; we eat because we need energy. Every time we put a bite of anything into our mouths, our body works hard [...]

7 Lactogenic Foods to be included in Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy Diet is important for both, the mother and baby as it helps in providing all the essential nutrients  that are required to stay fit . A proper pregnancy diet plays a vital role during the lactating phase especially for first time mothers.Breastfeeding is extremely important for a baby’s nutrition, mental development, immunity and overall health, as it lowers the risk of allergies, asthma, obesity, diabetes, gastro-intestinal disorders, respiratory & urinary tract infections and the occurrence of some childhood cancers. [...]