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4 Key Nutrients For Your Children

4 Key Nutrients For Your Child

Gift your Child Healthy Living... Its shall last forever You are what you eat and vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats are really important to our healthy living. And this is more so important for children who are growing and developing. The nutritional requirement for children is quite different from the adults and a lack of nutrients can put them at a greater risk of malnourishment.Since children need more of the nutrients in their tender growing age, we’ve explained which [...]


Leptin: Feel Full Hormone | 8 Ways To Fight Leptin Resistance

8 Ways To Fight Leptin Resistance while on a Diet for Weight Loss Leptin, often referred to as satiety hormone or starvation hormone, is produced by the body’s fat cells. Its main role is to give a signal to the brain that enough fat is stored and extra energy is not needed.  In simple terms, it regulates how many calories we eat and burn, as well as the amount of fat in our bodies.As the fat content in the body [...]


Have you also fallen prey to Fad Diet?

Facts about Fad Diet: The trending Diet plan for Weight Loss Fad diet. Both words are self explanatory. While Diet, which is usually meant to either lose or gain weight by regulating one’s daily eating, Fad is more of a craze or a whim, which may not always be logically or scientifically right.The phrase ‘fad diet’ got its popularity from the glamour world where people follow crazy diet sessions to get into shape fast. The results are impressive and help [...]


5 Foods To Boost Healthy Living Of Your Brain

5 Foods To Boost Healthy Living of your Brain We need food not just to please our taste-buds but to provide fuel and energy for our healthy living and to keep us active throughout the day. And more importantly we need food to provide fuel to the most important organ of our body i.e. the brain and the central nervous system. A proper balanced diet goes a long way in keeping us energetic and alert. Lack of certain nutrients or [...]



Nutrition for Healthy Living with Glaucoma When it comes to healthy living, what comes to our mind is mostly maintaining weight or may be regular blood check ups or visiting doctor regularly. Eyes are generally the most avoided organs. We are not regular with Eye check ups and eye health is mostly avoided unless some symptoms are observed. Generally the symptoms of eye disease are misunderstood as some common infection. One of such common disorder is Glaucoma.Glaucoma is an eye [...]

7 Tips | Diet Plan for Weight Loss with PCOD

Polycystic Ovarian Disease abbreviated as PCOD is a hormonal disorder that affects women across most ages. Infertility, irregular menstrual cycles, excessive facial hair and multiple cysts on the ovaries are indicators of PCOD. This hormonal disorder is found in 70% women who have difficulty ovulating, thus leading to infertility.Women with PCOD are seen to produce more testosterone (a male hormone), which is responsible for symptoms like excessive hair growth, acne and male pattern baldness. The high levels of circulating [...]

Effective Diet for Weight Loss – Broccoli Paneer Salad

Broccoli Paneer Salad - Diet for Weight Loss  Bored of eating your same old salads? Try out this Unique Diet for Weight Loss by Nutritionist Prachi Sanghvi.Broccoli is considered as Worlds healthiest foods. It helps prevent Cancer and aids Bone and Heart Health. It is a perfect Diet for Weight loss since its good in carbs and high in fiber, which aids digestion and prevents constipation. It helps maintain low blood sugar, thereby curbing overeatingPaneer as it is a critical [...]