9 Diet Myths Debunked | Here’s The Truth

9 Diet Myths Debunked - Truth about Healthy Living

9 Diet Myths Debunked | Here’s The Truth

It’s disappointing to have to lug around a few extra pounds, especially when you’ve been experimenting with that new diet for weeks now. Today, more and more people are switching from one diet to another to lose weight because they assume that it’s easy, sustainable and will help them with healthy living. To be fair, we have to say that many of them seem to succeed in the short-term, however fail in the long-term. In other cases where people don’t end up losing weight, most researchers presume that the reason diets fail is because the person doesn’t have enough willpower, is lazy or worse, is ignorant about how to properly engage with the diet.

But the truth is, that some diets are plain pointless. They do nothing for you other than either make you feel anxious about losing weight sooner or depressed when your weighing scale doesn’t tip over like you expected it to after the many weeks and months you invested. There is a lot of misguided information about losing weight and dieting that impair the whole purpose of going on a diet. So how about we separate the facts from fiction and debunk some of the myths that are literally doing nothing to help you lose those extra pounds and don’t help in healthy living.

Myth #1: If you are eating healthy food, calories don’t matter. Not really. It’s true that avocados, nuts and olive oil deliver heart-healthy fats and significant calories. Red wine and dark chocolate too are full of antioxidants, but if you indulge every day without accounting for the calories of such foods, you’re likely to gain weight.

Myth #2: As long as you exercise, you can eat as much as you want. Picture this – you eat a bag of potato chips and consume about 400 calories. But to burn 400 calories, an average person needs to run or walk 4 miles. So unless you’re working out like an Olympic athlete, to lose weight you’ll still need to keep an eye on how many calories you’re consuming.

Myth #3: Skip meals to lose weight. That’s probably the worst thing you could do to your body because missing meals can negatively impact your metabolism and metabolism plays a big role in weight loss.

Myth #4: Some people tend to eat what they want and still lose weight. It is a simple thought, that in order to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you eat or drink. Some people may seem to get away with eating any kind of food and still lose weight because they may be using more energy than they take in.

Myth #5: Eating late causes weight gain. But the reality is that it doesn’t really matter what time of the day you eat. It is more about what and how much you eat and how much physical activity you undergo to complement your food consumption throughout the day that determines whether you gain, lose or maintain your body weight.

Myth #6: Once you leave your diet, you start to gain weight. The truth is that as long as you are doing enough exercise and cutting down on sugar and carbohydrates, you will not start gaining weight even if you get off a particular diet. However, if you immediately gorge on food on completion of a diet period, you surely would end up putting your efforts in vain.

Myth #7: Only eat when you are hungry. As opposed to what people believe, it’s important to give your body nourishing and healthy food throughout the day in small chunks.

Myth #8: Using spot reduction as a way of losing weight from a particular part of the body. The truth is that you can’t make your body lose fat from one specific area just by doing exercises for that area. Fat can only be lost from the body as a whole and not in parts.

Myth #9: Switch to diet pills and powders. These substances can have a negative affect on your body because taking pills is not a natural way of burning your body fat. In short, they do more harm than good.

The how’s and why’s of losing weight can be confusing and lead to mistakes. Hopefully with some of the myths cleared out of the way, you know have a healthy living,  better understanding and simpler decisions to make when following a diet.

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  • Sejal shah Reply

    I am 37 yrs pls with a 13 yr old son. After my second delivery my weight started gainin to an extent tat I gained approx20 kgs. My stomach is sagging. I’ve heard tat this pregnancy saggy stomach does not go away how much ever u try. I’ve tried dieting. Yoga gyming walking. It does go but after too much of rigorous exercises diet. N too a very little extent. Can u pls help.

    November 25, 2015 at 10:56 pm
    • myadmin Reply

      Hi Sejal

      Thanks for writing to us. We can definitely help. Request you to kindly download our application and send us your registered email ID and contact number on cs@mydietist.com. We shall have our Senior Dietician call you to help.

      Team MyDIETist

      November 27, 2015 at 3:37 pm

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