Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss in India

vegetarian diet for weight loss in india

Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss in India

If you want to lose weight without comprising on taste, follow our ‘Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss in India‘. We have provided 3 different tasty vegetarian recipes out of which one can be consumed during breakfast, lunch, evening snacks or dinner.

Losing weight is the most popular reason people go for exercise or diet control. The thought of losing weight has motivated many men and women out of their beds and into a disciplined lifestyle. Well, it takes immense dedication and enormous patience to go through a diet plan successfully. This is not because losing pounds takes a lot of time, but because the plan needs to be followed scrupulously to achieve desired results.

Following the vegetarian diet will not only help you to burn those extra calories, but will also help you to fire up your metabolic rate which is very crucial to lose weight fast and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. You can’t expect to lose weight by eating non-vegetarian food stuff. If you want to see quick weight loss results in a week, then we recommend you to follow our vegetarian diet plan, specially designed for the Indian audience,

Our expert dieticians have designed the fastest weight loss plan ever by selecting foods to help you lose weight in a week. The plan was finalized after an extensive research on the common causes of weight, the Indian body types, and the diversity of food preferences. Our experts have concluded that it is possible to get rid of your extra weight within 7-days if you are ready to follow it stringently.

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss:

Following our vegetarian diet for weight loss will help you in following ways:

  • You will lose 8-10 kgs in a week.
  • Your face and skin will shimmer day and night.
  • Removal of negative toxins from your body will make you feel strong and active.
  • Achieve a well proportionate body.
  • Feel confident and vibrant after weight loss.

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 Day One

The most difficult day of diet plan for weight loss, as it breaks the eating habits you have been cherishing for years. Keep your hands off all foods. Eat only fruits, oranges, watermelons, pomegranates, lime, strawberries, apples, as much as you want. Avoid grapes, mangoes, litchi, and bananas. Get to lose 3 pounds on day one itself if you can consume just melons.

Day Two

Nothing but veggies today. Boiled or raw, eat till the stomach is full, till the heart is content. You can eat nothing but vegetables and only vegetables. Can you, really? Then hats off to your dedication.

Day Three

Now combine day 1 and 2. Just fruits and vegetables. Eat to your heart’s content, along with lots of water. Only avoid potatoes here. Meanwhile, if you haven’t realized yet, your system has already started burning the excess calories, intense cravings will give you the signals. But you have already demonstrated dedication on Day Two, remember? So enjoy the lightness!

Day Four

Today you have your chance of fulfilling your craving for bananas. Eat 5-6 bananas, which will be potassium and sodium providers to your body, in the absence of salt. Besides this, today I allow you to drink a two glasses of milk, and soup for a meal, but just once in the entire day. The soup, made of capsicum, onions, garlic, tomatoes, must be highly diluted. This will be a good change after all the bland veggies and fruits.

Do not lose heart yet. You are doing great! So, hold on.

Day Five

Today you have got a few more things to add to your meal. It also makes your meal a little tasty. I don’t mind if you munch on or make a soup of sprouts, tomatoes, and paneer or soya chunks.

The rule for water intake, however, gets more stringent. Remember, you are doing great and you are going to lose weight successfully. I hope you figured out by now, that the quantity of water intake has to increase. The tomato fiber and water together will cleanse your system of excess uric acid.

Day Six

The day on which you again combine a bit of all you ate in the first five days. A little surprise here, though. No tomatoes today. Paneer, sprouts, and other vegetables can come together to add some taste to your soup besides a lot of fiber. And of course, a lot of water. Great job!

Day Seven

Final day! You are already feeling lightweight, aren’t you? Then smile. It adds to positivity, which strengthens belief, which in turn brings even positive results. For food, take a glass of fruit juice, and half a chapatti with vegetables you like. A little brown rice completes your meal. And water? Yes, of course!

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Mark this:

  • No juices during the first 6 days
  • No tea, coffee (or without mild & sugar), alcohol at all
  • If possible, a 45-minute workout on alternate days
  • If you are doing this for any occasion, start in advance, say 2 months before So your body gets time to adjust with the changes
  • Soups can be eaten as much as you want and with whichever vegetables you like
  • All types of beans must be strictly avoided, as they possess high calories

Follow this Indian vegetarian diet plan strictly on a routine basis and you will be happy to get back in shape. After you are done with the diet program, do not resume normal diet again immediately. Do it gradually, over a week to help your body adjust to the new diet. Now, if you come back to me saying this diet plan didn’t help you to lose weight in a week, the reason can be only one. You haven’t followed the rules. If you have, then you will only come back with a slimmer body and a glow on your skin.

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