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Jain Diet Recipes especially during Paryushan

Recipes for Festival of Paryushan

Paryushan is a festival celebrated by Jains during the month of August or September for eight days. During this festival, Jains shift to a strict Jain Diet.In this strict Jain Diet they aren’t allowed to eat roots and tubers, green vegetables, fruits and dry fruits.So what to cook is a question that goes on in the mind of every home maker. Here we have come up with a few recipes that can be easily included in the Jain [...]

Mixed Fruits with Yogurt

Mixed Fruits with Yogurt

Jain diet includes many restrictions and so is considered to be amongst the strict diets. The available food option that can be consumed are selective, making it difficult for find the food options for several meals. Evening Snacks is one of those meals. Some commonly available snacking option for Jain diet are Khakhras, Fruits, Chillas , Chiwdas etc.Below mentioned is an energy packed snacking option that can be included in Jain diet. It is a combination of Yoghurt with [...]

Moong Soup MyDIETist

Moong Soup Recipe

Jain diet avoids intake of roots and tubers. Its considered to be amongst the strictest diets among all. Due to several restrictions there are less available options available in the Jain diet.It sometimes becomes difficult for one to make the Jain diet tasty and add variation to it. Below mentioned is a Tasty soup made without onion and garlic that fits well in Jain diet.Moong Soup (Serves 3)Ingredients:1/2 Cup Whole Moong Dal (Whole Green Gram) 1 Tea Spoon Oil 1/4 Tea Spoon [...]