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Nutritionally Rich Vegetarian Diet- Sprouted Vaal Usal

Make your vegetarian diet nutritionally rich by following the recipe of Sprouted Vaal Usal Usal forms one of the healthy recipes in vegetarian diet. It involves using single form of pulses/ beans or variety of pulses cooked in a curry form.Below mentioned recipe involves sprouting the vaal beans. Vaal beans are also known as the field beans, they are commonly used in Maharashtrian cuisine. They are are amongst the most nutritious beans to be included  in vegetarian diet. Sprouting them [...]

Brocoli Paratha

Broccoli Paratha – A healthy Dinner Substitute for Jain Diet

Broccoli Paratha – A healthy Dinner Substitute for Jain Diet  Jain Diet is a very specific diet followed by a specific community called as Jain's. They follow a religion called as Jainism which allows them to eat very specific and certain kind of foods only.Due to the severe restriction of foods in Jain Diet, its important to come up with a new variation to make their Diet tasty and healthy.Broccoli Paratha , packed with Fibre, Protein and less Calories is a [...]

Jain Diet Recipe : Anar Ka Raita

Anar Ka Raita - Perfect Jain Diet RecipeJain diet is strictly vegetarian diet, it also involves avoiding roots and tubers. It is considered to be strict amongst all the religious diets followed. Along with being strict, Jain diet is also been considered to be low in terms of nutrition as there are many foods that are avoided.Even though there are many foods that are avoided, Jain diet can be made rich in nutrition by using a combination of different [...]

Diet For Weight Loss- Vegetable Coriander Soup

Vegetable Coriander Soup - An Ideal Detoxifying Soup in your Diet for Weight Loss Soups are the best way to include multiple vegetables in your diet for weight loss. Simple soups like Mixed Vegetable Soup, Clear Soup, Dudhi Soup, Tomato Soup, etc. can become monotonous and uninteresting. So addition of certain Ingredients like Coriander, Lemon, Fenugreek, Dill leaves (Suva) , Ginger , Garlic, etc. can make is tasty and yummy.Vegetable Coriander Soup is a perfect inclusion to your diet for weight [...]

Protein Powerhouse for Vegetarian Diet – Panch Dal Recipe

With the world moving towards following Vegetarianism, there are times when it becomes difficult to make a Vegetarian Diet nutritionally rich. One of such Macro Nutrient is Protein.There is no such foods in the Vegetarian Diet that provides you complete Proteins. In such cases the quality of Proteins can be improved by using a combination of different sources.Dals form a base of a  Vegetarian Diet. Apart from being a good quality of Proteins, they are also low in Fats, rich in Fibers [...]

Effective Diet for Weight Loss – Broccoli Paneer Salad

Broccoli Paneer Salad - Diet for Weight Loss  Bored of eating your same old salads? Try out this Unique Diet for Weight Loss by Nutritionist Prachi Sanghvi.Broccoli is considered as Worlds healthiest foods. It helps prevent Cancer and aids Bone and Heart Health. It is a perfect Diet for Weight loss since its good in carbs and high in fiber, which aids digestion and prevents constipation. It helps maintain low blood sugar, thereby curbing overeatingPaneer as it is a critical [...]

Enjoy Healthy Food This Gudi Padwa – Puran Poli

Healthy Food - Puran Poli With A Twist Enjoy this great twist to the tradition Puran Poli making it a Healthy Food suitable for all age's.IngredientsFor Chapatis:25 Gram Whole Wheat Flour 25 Gram Jowar Flour 10 Gram Soya Flour Water to knead DoughCheck our other recipes - Jowar Methi Roti, Soya Upma ReceipeFor Filling:1/4 Tea_Sp Ghee 1/4 Cup Coconut Fresh, Grated 25 Gram Jaggery 1/8 Tea_Sp Cardamom Powder 1 Tea_Sp Halim (Garden Cress Seeds) 1 Tea_Sp Flax SeedsCheck our Blog on 6 Health Boosting Super SeedsFor Cooking:2 Tea_Sp [...]


Mixed Flour Thalipeeth Recipe

A healthy weight Loss diet plan suggests you to include mixture of flours instead of using single flour to make your chapattis, rolls , wraps  or pancakes. Thalipeeth  is a Maharashtrian  famous dish which is made using combination of varied flours for breakfast.Thus it can be easily added as a part of your breakfast in your weight loss diet plan. Thalipeeth has complex carbohydrate and is high in fibre making it ideal for your weight loss diet plan.Mixed Flour [...]

Green Pea and Paneer Tikki

Green Pea and Paneer Tikki

Easy to make Tikki's with various use in Vegetarian Diet When we think of Tikki's, potatoes is what comes to our mind. A variety of tikki's can be added to vegetarian diet by making changes in the vegetables used and the cooking method.Below mentioned is the recipe which can be had into snacks, can be included in burgers, or can be added to frankies, wraps, sandwiches and is a great variations to vegetarian diet. Use of Paneer and Peas makes [...]