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6 Health Boosting Super Seeds in your diet plan for weight loss

6 Health Boosting Super Seeds

With increased pollution and environmental stress more and more people are focusing on organic food and healthy ways of preparing so that most of its vitamins and minerals are intact. There are ingredients that you could add to your food to boost nutritional value and one of the top choices would be super seeds. Seeds like Flax, Sunflower, Garden Cress, Pumpkin, Sesame, Chia etc. add a burst of flavor and beneficial health advantages to your cooked food.You can really [...]


A Guide To Healthy Living-Eating Healthy while Eating Out

Healthy living, is living in a healthy way and implies physical, mental and spiritual capacity of a person to make healthy choicesHunger can strike at any hour of the clock. It could be when you are waiting for your bus, driving through the town, working long hours at the office or just while taking a long walk. And this is what changes your track and lands you on the door of your nearest restaurant. More and more people now [...]


Leptin: Feel Full Hormone | 8 Ways To Fight Leptin Resistance

8 Ways To Fight Leptin Resistance while on a Diet for Weight Loss Leptin, often referred to as satiety hormone or starvation hormone, is produced by the body’s fat cells. Its main role is to give a signal to the brain that enough fat is stored and extra energy is not needed.  In simple terms, it regulates how many calories we eat and burn, as well as the amount of fat in our bodies.As the fat content in the body [...]