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Celery Soup Recipe Fits Perfectly in a Low Calorie Diet.

Celery Soup Recipe fits Perfectly in a Low Calorie Diet

Every calorie that you intake in a low calorie diet is counted and hence it is very important to include foods which are in low in calorie and yet give good nutritional and health benefits.Celery is the first thing to be there in your shopping list if you are on low calorie diet to shed some pounds. A single stalk of celery provides you approximately 10 calories and hence can easily be added to your low calorie diet in [...]

Moong Soup MyDIETist

Moong Soup Recipe

Jain diet avoids intake of roots and tubers. Its considered to be amongst the strictest diets among all. Due to several restrictions there are less available options available in the Jain diet.It sometimes becomes difficult for one to make the Jain diet tasty and add variation to it. Below mentioned is a Tasty soup made without onion and garlic that fits well in Jain diet.Moong Soup (Serves 3)Ingredients:1/2 Cup Whole Moong Dal (Whole Green Gram) 1 Tea Spoon Oil 1/4 Tea Spoon [...]


Zucchini Basil Soup

Serving4 Soup BowlIngredients1 Tea_Sp Olive Oil 1 Medium Onion sliced 5 Cup Vegetable Stock 1 Medium Potato chopped 5 Medium Zucchini chopped 5 Table_Sp Basil Leaves chopped 1/4 Tea_Sp Salt 1/4 Tea_Sp Pepper  Method:Heat a large saucepan over medium heat. Swirl in oil then add onion. Cook until softened. Add broth & potato.  Bring to a boil Reduce heat and simmer until potato is tender Add the zucchini and return to a boil, simmer until tender, about 5 minutes Do not overcook, it will dull the soup's color Remove from heat and cool slightly Puree in batches [...]


Quinoa Soup with Chicken

Serving10 Soup BowlIngredients2 Table_Sp Olive Oil 1 Cup Onion chopped 3 Medium Garlic Clove 1/4 Cup Carrot diced 2 Table_Sp Oregano 2 Table_Sp Jeera (Cumin) ground 1 Tea_Sp Red Chilli Flakes 2 1/2 Cup Chicken Breast chopped 200 Ml Chicken Broth 2 Cup Tomato skewed 1 Cup QuinoaMethod:Rinse quinoa Cook quinoa for 5 minutes. Chop/dice all vegetables and chicken breast. Heat oil on high heat Brown chicken Add garlic, onion, carrot and celery; cook for 5 minutes Add oregano, cumin and paprika Add chicken broth and tomatoes pulp Simmer for 10-15 minutesNutritive Value: Calories    Carbs    Proteins   [...]

Tomato Dudhi Drink

Tomato Dudhi Drink

Loose weight easily by including Tomato Dudhi Drink while following your Diet for Weight Loss Health drinks helps in loosing weight by providing your diet for weight loss with a good source of fibers, vitamins and minerals. Fibers form an important part while on a diet for weight loss. They help in loosing weight by keeping one full for longer and also helps in reducing appetite.Tomato Dudhi drink is a combination of Veggies rich in fiber and also provides a good amount of Vitamins [...]

Cold Avocado Soup

Cold Avocado Soup

A Soup with a twist for a Healthy Diet for Weight Loss. Ideally, while following a diet for weight loss, certain foods like soups, salads, fruits are very common. A common mistake that people do while following a diet for weight loss is being only on Soups, Salads or skipping meals. Its very important for the diet to be nutritionally balanced.Including soups with the balanced diet takes care of the intake of fibers and vitamins and minerals required by the body.Below [...]

Apple Carrot Soup

Apple Carrot Soup

Perfect Combo of Fruit and Vegetable Beverage in  your Diet for Weight Loss Soups are must to be had whenever you are on Diet for Weight loss, but they become boring and tasteless if you don’t try new variations with it.Fruits like Apples are always asked to be included in your diet for weight loss by Dietician as a mid meal, snack, but have you ever thought that Apple too can be used to make our Soups and Salads tasty. [...]

Drumstick with Vegetable Soup

Drumstick with Vegetable Soup

A Perfect Appetizer before your Lunch and Dinner in your Vegetarian Diet Soups are the quick hot meal packed with variety of vegetables which increases the nutritional quality of your Vegetarian Diet.Vegetable based soups are the one which provides you higher energy at the cost of lower calories, thus making it important to be included in your Vegetarian Diet.Addition of drumsticks to your vegetarian diet in the form of soup  enhances the nutritional quality of soup as drumsticks helps in [...]

Cabbage Soup

Cabbage Soup-Low Calories in your Diet Plan for Weight Loss

The Low Calorie Soup to be added in your Diet Plan for Weight Loss Soups and Salads are very commonly prescribed in diet plan for weight loss but again the confusion is what soups and salads would be healthy as well as tasty, and also the availability of vegetables is also a very big question.. Commonly available vegetables like cucumber, beet , cabbage etc works wonder when added as soups and salads in your diet plan for weight loss.Cabbage is [...]