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Paneer Jalfrazie- Perfect Recipe in Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Paneer Jalfrazie Recipe

Diet plan for weight loss always is assumed to have boring veggies like gourds and beans , but here break that myth for you all and give you this amazing recipe.Paneer is a good source of Protein, Vitamin B12, Potassium and Selenium, and a very good source of Vitamin D, Riboflavin, Calcium and Phosphorus thus its an ideal food to be included in diet plan for weight loss. So enhance your diet plan for weight loss by including paneer in [...]

Broccoli & Vegetable Sandwich for your Diet for Weight loss

Broccoli And Vegetable Sandwich Recipe

Do you wonder whether sandwiches can be incorporated in your diet for  weight loss or not? Yes sure they can easily be a part of your diet for weight loss.You can enjoy a variety of sandwiches in your diet for weight loss and still lose weight if and only if you load it up with good quantity of veggies, choose the correct type of bread and enhance its nutritional value by adding appropriate protein sources in it.Broccoli and Vegetable [...]

Cabbage Jowar Roti - A healthy Roti for the Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian Diet Recipes – Cabbage Jowar Roti Recipe

With increase awareness of consuming healthy foods there are different variations people have started making in their vegetarian diet. There is a healthy alternative or a healthy version of almost all different foods. Moreover people have also started moving to vegetarian diets. One of such common foods with different variations is Multigrain Roti, Jowar Rotis, Oats Rotis are some alternatives to the standard Rotis or Phulkas.Below mentioned is a variation of Jowar roti. Cabbage is added to the normal [...]

8 Tips for Kids to make them Love Fruits and Vegetables

8 Tips for Kids to make them Love Fruits and Vegetables

Imagine a day when your child eats everything you give him for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, and that too without a fuss. Be it fruits or vegetables, they gladly down it. Wouldn’t that be an ideal day for you as parents? Sadly, very few of us have such ideal days. This is because 70% of kids find fruits and vegetables boring and uninteresting to eat, thus making it a task for parents. Let us understand why are fruits [...]

Baked Purple Yam Sandwich

Supports Healthy Digestion High in Anthocyanin Improves Calcium and Mineral absorption Reduces Tumour growth Limits the activity of Cancer cells   Starters or appetizers are something that you have in just before your maincourse. Panner chilly, Panner tikka, Veg Manchurian are common examples of starters in a vegetarian diet.As we saw in the above list there are very limited healthy options for starters in a vegetarian diet, so to add on to the list of healthy starter in a vegetarian diet we give you one [...]

Strawberry Lemon Juice in your Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Strawberry Lemon Juice Recipe

When you follow a diet plan for weight loss you are bonded with restrictions like avoiding few hot and cold beverages, alcohol, fresh fruit juices , creamy milk shakes etc are generally asked to be avoided in your diet plan for weight loss.But sometimes fresh fruit juices like orange juice , lemon juice , strawberry lemon juice are advised  in diet plan for weight loss due to their nutritional benefits like rich in Vitamin C. It also acts as [...]

Tofu Sandwich : Perfect filling sandwich for a low calorie diet

Tofu Sandwich : Perfect filling sandwich for a Low Calorie Diet

Following a low calorie diet and looking for a yummy dinner option, here we are with a tasty Sandwich Recipe which includes a healthy protein rich stuffing. This sandwich becomes a best option to be included in a low calorie diet.Tofu is the soya paneer which is commonly available in market these days and is a low calorie high protein replacement for Paneer, which if included in a low calorie diet will make it further more tastier.You can make [...]

Celery Soup Recipe Fits Perfectly in a Low Calorie Diet.

Celery Soup Recipe fits Perfectly in a Low Calorie Diet

Every calorie that you intake in a low calorie diet is counted and hence it is very important to include foods which are in low in calorie and yet give good nutritional and health benefits.Celery is the first thing to be there in your shopping list if you are on low calorie diet to shed some pounds. A single stalk of celery provides you approximately 10 calories and hence can easily be added to your low calorie diet in [...]

Tips for kids: Myth Fat Children Are Healthy Busted

Myth: Fat Children Are Healthy, With Age Baby Fat Will Go Away

Back in childhood, we all have been through the times when our mommies and grannies tried feeding us way more than what our little stomachs could accommodate. The reason being, children are supposed to be ‘healthy’ (where ‘being healthy’ denoted ‘being rotund). This very misconception is one primary reason why the number of obese people is on an alarming rise in India.Ever found yourself pinching a plump kid’s chubby cheeks because they looked cute? This very thought drives so [...]

7 Healthy Recipes to be included in the Diet for Heart

7 Healthy Recipes For The Heart

Wondering why it is important to follow a good Diet for heart even though you are healthy and completely alright? The awnser is the changing Lifestyle, Changing Food patterns, Quality of Foods, Increasing Stress, Lack of physical activities etc. With time passing by, there are many changes that are taking place in ones lifestyle, these changes can now or later contribute to developing major health issues, Heart issues can be one of them.Diet for heart includes consuming Diet rich in [...]