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Mixed Dal Dosa

Mixed Dal Dosa

An Easy to make Recipe while on a Diet for Weight Loss There are times when while following the diet for weight loss, one has to compromise on their taste buds. Either someone gives up on following the diet or ends up following it without enjoying it.One of such ingredient is Rice. Rice is a complete NO NO while on a diet for weight loss. There are certain recipes where rice can be replaced by other ingredients and can be consumed.Below mentioned [...]

Moong Dal and Spinach Idli

Moong Dal and Spinach Idli

Ideal Healthy Breakfast to Stay Fit 'N' Fine Healthy breakfast should generally be the one that consist of all 5 major nutrients along with a lot of fibre. A cereal pulse combination is the perfect example of it.Few cereal pulse option that are commonly used to be included in healthy breakfast are  Moong paratha, Thalipeeth and Idli's.Idli's are most convenient and common  breakfast option  in India but addition of vegetables and removal of rice makes it perfect and different recipe  for [...]

Jowar Chilla

Jowar Chilla

An alternative to your boring Besan Chilla for a Healthy Breakfast. Healthy breakfast is key for a healthier life, so it is important for you start your day with a healthy breakfast in order to meet your daily energy requirements.Chillas and pancakes are one of the best option as they give you higher satiety value and are treat to your taste buds.Jowar is packed with fiber, protein, iron and calcium thus making it ideal for healthy breakfast. Serving6 MediumIngredients1/4 Cup Jowar Flour 1/4 Cup [...]

Nachni Pancakes

Nachni Pancakes : Nutritionally Rich Healthy Breakfast option

Nachni Pancakes : Nutritionally Rich Healthy Breakfast Option A Healthy breakfast is the meal which has to be a balance of all the nutrients. Breakfast is an very important meal as the name itself says it helps in breaking an overnight fast. As it the first meal of the day, it has to be a meal which provides good amount of Energy to sustain the activities of the day. A Healthy breakfast helps in satisfying appetite and also helps kids [...]

Ragi (Nachni) Koki

Ragi (Nachni) Koki : Calcium Rich Vegetarian Diet

A Calcium Rich Recipe for Vegetarian Diet Koki is a traditional recipe of a Sindhi Diet. Koki forms a important breakfast option for Vegetarian Diet.Below mentioned recipe has a twist added which will further make your vegetarian diet healthy and tasty.The recipe uses Ragi which further makes it a rich source of calcium, addition of spices and onions gives a different can be had with vegetables, dals, pickles. Its an healthy option to be included in the vegetarian diet. Serving6 MediumIngredients *For the [...]

Spinach Omelette-Highly Nutritious Healthy Breakfast

 Healthy Breakfast is the key to healthy life. Hence,it is very important to choose correct food options for Healthy Breakfast.Spinach Omelette, is an ideal healthy breakfast option, as Egg contains a good quality protein along with other Vitamins and Minerals. A small vairation by adding spinach to omelette doesn’t only make the omelette tasty, but also increases its nutrient content by providing Fiber and Minerals like Iron. Serving1 MediumIngredients1/2 Cup Palak (Spinach) 1 Medium Egg White 1 Medium EggExplore our recipes - A [...]

A Delicious Omelette for the Vegetarian Diet : Besan Cheela

A perfect Vegetarian Diet Treat : Besan Cheela Vegetarian diet generally uses Besan as an replacement of egg for making some recipes. Besan Chilla is a healthy and delicious breakfast option for a vegetarian diet.Being high in Protein, Besan Flour, helps fulfil the protein requirement in a Vegetarian Diet. Along with providing proteins, it also helps in controlling sugar and cholesterol levels, thereby being your heart healthy.Serving Suggestions : can be served with Curd/ Green Chutney/ Ketchup, etc.Variations: Can add a variety of vegetables [...]

Cabbage Panner Sandwich

Cabbage Paneer Sandwich – A quick and Healthy Breakfast

Cabbage Paneer Sandwich – A  quick and Healthy Breakfast optionA Healthy Breakfast is something that gives you energy in the beginning of the day to survive till end.A healthy Breakfast should majorly include all five food groups like Carbohydrates (Cereals), Proteins (Pulses/Dairy product/ Eggs), Fats , Vitamins and Minerals ( Fruit and vegetables).Cabbage Paneer Sandwich is one of the best recipes to be included in the list of  Healthy Breakfast  as it consists of  all five food groups,  is quite [...]

Bajra Upma diet recipe

A high fiber healthy breakfast option : Bajra Upma

A high fiber healthy breakfast option : Bajra UpmaBreakfast means breaking an overnight fast, as the body is in the starvation mode, it requires a good supply of nutrients in the immediate meal, hence incorporating a  healthy breakfast is very important as it fulfils all the nutritional requirements.Studies state that eating a healthy breakfast makes one 43% less likely to be obese than the ones who do not eat a healthy breakfast.A common misconception of, “healthy is boring” can [...]