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A Guide To Healthy Living-Eating Healthy while Eating Out

Healthy living, is living in a healthy way and implies physical, mental and spiritual capacity of a person to make healthy choicesHunger can strike at any hour of the clock. It could be when you are waiting for your bus, driving through the town, working long hours at the office or just while taking a long walk. And this is what changes your track and lands you on the door of your nearest restaurant. More and more people now [...]

Spinach Basil Stuffed Chicken

Spinach Basil Chicken

A Protein Package when you are following your Diet for Weight Loss Normally people prefer having chicken in form of nuggets or lollypops etc. which involves frying it. But when on a diet for weight loss, people generally end up not having chicken as they don’t find it tasty enough. That’s not the case. Chicken form an important source of proteins and including it in diet for weight loss makes it nutritionally rich and tasty.Below mentioned recipe is a treat to [...]

TUBERCULOSIS: Every Breath Counts…. Stop TB Now.

Healthy living is a state of body to feel fit and stay away from any kind of communicable or non communicable diseases Tuberculosis is also known as "The Mother of Diseases" .The WHO has declared TB to be a global emergency and has called for urgent and extraordinary action. The World Health Organization estimates that 9 million people a year get sick with TB, with 3 million of these "missed" by health systems.  It is estimated that about 40% of [...]

Skipping Meals to Lose Weight – A Wrong Path to Take

Skipping Meals to Lose Weight – A Wrong Path to Take

Wondering how to lose weight? Eat regularly and stay fit. Losing weight is like a battle we fight with ourselves; not to win but in order to lose. In order to reach our goal we pursue different paths, some lead us to our destination while others simply mislead us.Skipping meals to lose weight sounds reasonable to some. ‘We gain weight eating, so starving is a way to lose it’, is a general approach. But does it really work? I dare [...]