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6 Secrets about How to Lose Weight before New Year

6 Secrets To Get In Shape Before New Year

Most of us are familiar with making New Year resolutions about getting into shape, only to lose them somewhere down the line. Actually, more than a just weak resolution, there are a host of other factors that keep us from getting into shape, such as:Busy lifestyle, especially in metro cities Socializing Festivals Work pressure Lack of physical activity or exercise Improper eating habits and low awareness of dietary solutions Crash dietsSome starve themselves to shed those excess pounds in a jiffy, only to put them back [...]

5 Healthy Milk Alternatives in your Diet for Weight Loss

5 Healthy Milk Alternatives in your Diet for Weight Loss

Milk, as we know, is a dairy product produced from cows. No doubt milk has many great advantages to offer but due to various reasons many people especially those on a diet for weight loss are avoiding milk and are now opting for milk substitutes. Here's why:1. For health benefits: Milk has saturated fats and can increase the cholesterol levels, which is why many people are saying no to the regular glass of milk.2. For ethical reasons: People who follow a vegan [...]


A Guide To Healthy Living-Eating Healthy while Eating Out

Healthy living, is living in a healthy way and implies physical, mental and spiritual capacity of a person to make healthy choicesHunger can strike at any hour of the clock. It could be when you are waiting for your bus, driving through the town, working long hours at the office or just while taking a long walk. And this is what changes your track and lands you on the door of your nearest restaurant. More and more people now [...]