Success Stories | Swati Gupta | Lost 12.3 kgs

Success Stories | Swati Gupta | Lost 12.3 kgs

It is difficult to explain what it is to stay alone in a cosmopolitan city and that too away from my family and loved ones. Above all being overweight was not just a physical inconvenience but also starts to affect your self-confidence and leads to poor self-esteem. At the age of 30, which is supposed to be the age when a girl is most affected by the peer pressure on the lines of both personal and professional life. This lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem affected my health in a way that I was not able to concentrate on the tasks which was making my life worse.

I had to go through a lot and had almost given up my hope to bring my life back on track as the way I wanted and I actually was about to surrender to the subdued lifestyle that I was living. Staying alone without any support also means that there is no one who will take care of your diet and if one has a demanding work schedule then it leaves no time for self-care and I had to rely on sometimes fast food and also the food and mostly food from restaurants. Also, staying alone also made me feel lonelier and I would prefer to escape all this by visiting my home town every now and then and the travelling again was taking the toll on my health. Improper eating habits and irregular sleep schedule was giving rise to health issues like PCOD and Irregular Menstrual cycle.

I felt as if everything was falling part. Before my life could get completely shattered I did figure out the root cause and the source from which all these problems did originate. After self-retrospection I did realise that the root cause was me neglecting my health and not taking care of my life. I learnt that for life to treat me better I need to take care of my life and give it some values and care that it deserves and it will take care of me in return. When I realised that all my problems are interlinked solving the root cause would be the place I should start from. I came across this website and I would like to thank them that they provided me a proper diet plan which I could follow considering my daily hectic work schedule and travelling. I take pride in saying that I have lost 12.3 kgs after just few weeks of following the diet plan. I still have a long way to go and I feel this is only the first milestone that I have achieved. However, I feel more optimistic about the path ahead with the guidance of Mydietist. When I have started to see the results it has motivated me further I have gained back my self- confidence and hope that all the things will fall into place.

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