Success Stories | Seema Kango | Lost 18 kgs

Success Stories | Seema Kango | Lost 18 kgs

Pregnancy had changed my body. My sleep cycle, appetite, food cravings were affected a lot. Diet during pregnancy consisted of large servings of meals with healthy portions of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Also, giving in to cravings and a lot of comfort food, mindlessly binging on food in odd hours, physical inactivity, sedentary lifestyle and fluctuating sleeping hours during pregnancy lead to 32 kg weight gain.  Even post pregnancy I continued the similar diet, I thought breastfeeding my child would shed few kilos. But it was necessary to set a routine and follow a discipline. The major challenge was my lifestyle as I had to get back to office post few months of pregnancy. I didn’t get time to look after myself. Balancing work, the daily chores and taking care of child consumed my time and energy. Jumping between tasks like this I was neglecting my own health. I felt the need to set a plan and I decided to consult a dietician. Mydietist was a perfect solution!

Specialist dieticians at were very helpful with setting up my diet plan. Being aware of my lifestyle and work schedule she had set certain equal time intervals and appropriate portions of balanced meals.

I had lost 18kgs in 10 consultations, it was not easy as the portions of my food were reduced and also I had to take small portions at regular intervals of time. But the one thing that kept me going were the results that I could see. I was looking much young as the positives of the diet plan did reflect on the quality of the skin as well as the texture of my hair had improved. The best part about it is that generally people feel lethargic and low on energy at work while they are dieting but I did not feel these issues and was able to handle work better than earlier. The ability to lose 18kgs gave me a sort of confidence in myself that I can set goals and I do have the discipline to make it a reality. I have still a long way to go but I am determined to fulfill it as I have decided to lose 18 more KGs. I will suggest his to all the mothers who do give up about caring about their health and looks post the pregnancy. I would like to tell them that it is doable and it is equally important to value yourself enough and you are worth taking care of as everyone deserves to be fit and in the best place in all aspects of life. Mydietist has helped me gain a lot of good and proper knowledge about the different nutritional value of the various food items. I being a lactating mother was also concerned that my diet should not affect the health of my child. Hence, I needed someone who was well versed and properly knowledgeable about the balanced diets and that is the reason why I decided to believe in all the food fads and myths and did consult a qualified dietician and made no compromise in the same. As my health is precious to me and there are lives which are depended on me so I did not want to take chances. I am so glad that MyDietist along with consulting me regarding my diets also educated me and solved all my queries and doubts which I had regarding not only my diet but also regarding my exercise routine. She was very helpful and did go out of the way to suggest workarounds considering the routine life and work that I had to balance.

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