Success Stories | Sailesh Patel| Lost 3.5 kgs in 1.5 months

Success Stories | Sailesh Patel| Lost 3.5 kgs in 1.5 months

Can you guess what’s even better than losing weight and inches? Building muscle! That’s right. Muscle melts away excess fat from the body and makes it firm and rigid. The flab automatically gives way to a body with a well-toned look. This is what I experienced with MyDietist while also shedding a few kilos.

Muscle gain is characterized by a weight gain because muscle weighs more than fat. However, in my case, I achieved muscle gain, weight loss and inch loss – a rare combination that people would die for. Here’s the secret. I got myself a really expert dietician to guide me from MyDietist – Prachi. Prachi is a professional who works around any weight related challenge and customizes your diet to suit your needs while also keeping room for your individual preferences and weakness. Coupled with this, I used the MyDietist app to track my progress. Being a foodie, I also got to occasionally snack on what I like without completely missing out on these small pleasures of life. While I lost 3.5 kgs in just a matter of 1 ½ months, with my exercise I could convert fat into muscle, and lose a few inches around my waist. What’s more, I gained a lot of energy and body flexibility. You can do it too if you really have the will. And MyDietist to aid you. My friends are more than keen on achieving similar results. I have proudly shared my success story with them, just as I am sharing with you.

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