Success Stories | Ritesh Bhuva | Lost 9 kgs in 3 months

Success Stories | Ritesh Bhuva | Lost 9 kgs in 3 months

There were two things for me that mattered the most when I was walking daily for around 45 mins and still struggling to lose weight. First, getting dietary advice without having to physically go to a dietician, and second to discover a healthy diet that would still satisfy my pampered taste buds. MyDietist not just delivered on both these requirements, it actually helped me lose weight too.

Several people feel that only mean and cruel diets actually effect weight loss, and that a diet cannot be high on taste yet low on calories. This is only a myth. Had this been true, I wouldn’t be boasting of losing 9 kgs in just 3 months. My diet was specially designed keeping my tastes, likes and dislikes in mind. Being a regular junk foodie, my dietician took the challenge of appeasing my palate while ensuring that the quality of all that I eat meets the weight loss requirements. Moreover, all the recipes in my meals were simple, making use of all the ingredients readily available at home. So there was no hassle of sourcing special ingredients from outside.

Once the diet chart was structured, it was smooth sailing for me. I did not feel any need to cheat on my diet. In fact, I enjoyed the 5 meal pattern of eating at regular intervals. Since I could adhere to my diet easily, I used the update my details regularly in the tracker. I also love the reminder feature, especially since I was not consuming enough water earlier.

So I can say that I have lost weight without any feeling of doing any sacrifice. MyDietist becomes an easy option for people like me. I am so thrilled about it that I have shared my story with my friends, who are envious of my achievement and have now started using this app.



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