Success Stories | Praful Palekar | Lost 1.5 kgs in 2 months

Success Stories | Praful Palekar | Lost 1.5 kgs in 2 months

For a man who weighs 76.7 kgs, you would question the need of following any diet program, but my story is about achieving inch loss more than weight loss. And I accomplished most of it purely by controlling my diet. Doing this on your own would be quite difficult, unless you are a dietician or a nutritionist. Since I was neither, I chose the simple way out – by using MyDietist.

That’s where I found the path to my goal. Prachi played a pivotal role in analyzing my eating habits and structuring a wonderful diet chart that ensured optimal calorie intake, nutrition and taste delivery. To add to that, she kept me motivated to stick to the program by regularly recounting real-life success stories of people who had benefited from using MyDietist. The app itself served as a support system by sending out reminders for regularly consuming water. What more can one ask for?

At the end of just 2 months, the measure tape showed a two-inch loss around my waist. I also lost 1.5 kilos. I could hardly believe it, but I can tell you that once you start seeing results, you would automatically feel motivated and continue sticking to the program. So why labour on your own when you can get an expert to consult you without having to go to a gym?


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