Success Stories | Amitabh Kumar | Lost 8 kgs

Success Stories | Amitabh Kumar | Lost 8 kgs

In this day and age, it is hard to keep up with work and lead a healthy lifestyle, especially with a ridiculously packed work schedule like mine. My associates call at inconvenient times and entertaining those drains energy and the will to lead an efficient diet and exercise plan. MyDIETist helped me plan and take time out for my health despite my hard schedule. It took some time to get used to the scheduling and follow everything to the letter, but once I got used to it, the results started to really show! In just about a month, I started liking what I saw in the mirror and decided to keep going. It’s remarkable how much difference it makes in my professional life too; to be able to perform well at work while being on my feet for hours is a lot easier now; and I also have no complaints about acidity, like I used to all the time. Of course, thanks to the detailed diet plan tailored for me, my 3-month effort has started to pay off and I am making improvements in leaps and bounds. The brilliant approach has helped me put some real effort into improving myself physically and getting my self-respect back up. This spectacular result has had me wondering if I can start dedicating my weekends to long runs early in the morning since my legs can effectively take my weight with such ease!


I recommend and, in fact, encourage more people like me to stop suffering the shackles inactivity that works life may slap around your wrists. Get out there and visit MyDIETist, they’ll sort it out for you. Consult them if you are short on vitality if you feel you are low on energy, or even if you think you’ve gotten a little chubby around the corners. They will not disappoint.


I totally recommended program this program as I totally understand that maintaining health in these times is one of the most difficult aspects and bad health leads to worse health. In fact former what is associated with physical problems will also lead to mental problems and it’s quite like a vicious circle. The health concerns that you generally face and the inability to maintain a good health are one of the most important factors that have led to the increase of stress in people’s lives. A friendly approach that understands your problems can be the best way to minimize or solve these issues. I am quite of the opinion that you should always approach someone who plans and executes according to your case. Also, I always wanted someone who understands your body well and also your capability. This is the reason why I recommend my dietician to others as it is not just another weight loss program, but quite a life changing event. I absolutely love the changes that have visibly changed my life and looks. I must admit that this is the most positive change that I have witnessed in my life.

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