Success Stories | Amandeep Chaddha | Lost 5 kgs

Success Stories | Amandeep Chaddha | Lost 5 kgs

First of all, I would like to thank for helping me sail through smoothly this crucial phase of my life. However, this whole process was not easy, however, my personal dietician who took care of all my queries and sorted all my concerns resolved all my worries related to my health and diet. I strongly recommend to all my friends and family members and this story of mine is my means to reach out to all those people who are looking out for help and struggling to find ways to skillfully juggle between work life and family. In this whole process of me subscribing to’s diet plan help me realise the importance of having a well-trained nutritionist at your service rather than having and taking tips from hundreds of people which is a mix grapevine of old school food fads and myths which sometimes are contradictory in nature which is enough to confuse a normal human being.

I would like to be my story with a little bit of background of the lifestyle that I have which is to pull of work at the office like a professional which was demanding and very hectic, above all I am a lactating mother who has to keep up and maintain the balance between handling work and family. After all this, it was really difficult for me to find time for myself to cook differently according to the ideal amount of calories I should be consuming. Even on the days when I somehow manage to execute all these tasks I still struggled to find time for exercise and did not have the right knowledge as to how much and what kind of exercise routine I should be following for the fast and the best results. To state some of the facts as I need the readers to pay close attention to this as I have already lost 5 kgs of weight in 5 consultations. I realize that maternity fat is not easy to reduce as the body does go through a lot of changes. But I rest assured that I have chosen the experts and they would not let any of the negative side effects to affect the health of my baby as well as my own health.

It is a societal misconception that lactating mothers shouldn’t lose weight as it affects the Milk production and thereby affects the child health. I joined mydietist when I was feeding my 1-year-old son. During lactation, the biggest fear for a mother is her baby’s health. Mydietist helped me a lot in losing my maternity fat while I was lactating. I am really proud to say that my son is fine and has a healthy Sikh baby. A BIG thank you to the entire team and the faculty at mydietist for helping me achieve my goals and making be believe and keeping me focused on then by introducing well-thought tips and tricks customized according to what best suits my body and lifestyle.

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