Spinach Omelette-Highly Nutritious Healthy Breakfast

Spinach Omelette-Highly Nutritious Healthy Breakfast


Healthy Breakfast is the key to healthy life. Hence,it is very important to choose correct food options for Healthy Breakfast.

Spinach Omelette, is an ideal healthy breakfast option, as Egg contains a good quality protein along with other Vitamins and Minerals. A small vairation by adding spinach to omelette doesn’t only make the omelette tasty, but also increases its nutrient content by providing Fiber and Minerals like Iron.


  • 1 Medium


  • 1/2 Cup Palak (Spinach)
  • 1 Medium Egg White
  • 1 Medium Egg

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Add to taste:

  • Salt and Pepper


  • Steam spinach.
  • Beat the Egg and Egg white.
  • Mix in spinach.
  • Heat on non-stick pan.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste.

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Nutritive Value:
Calories    Carbs    Proteins   Fats
    108               1                11              7

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