6 health boosters which won’t take time

If like everyone else you are short of time, here are 6 simple tips that you can add to your daily routine and boost your health quotient….and which won’t take time. 1. Stretch - Start stretching when you wake up. It helps boost circulation, improve digestion and ease back pain. 2. Calcite - Drink milk, eat yoghurt or pop your calcium tablet. It will keep your bones strong. 3. Laugh & Cry - A good laugh and sob is good for you. They boost the immune system and [...]

12 Healthy Foods To Include In Your Diet

Here is a list of foods that you should include in your daily diet Tomatoes helps stimulate the immune system. Broccoli contains large amounts of vitamin C, calcium, and fibre, and can help prevent bone loss, fight disease, reduce your risk of heart disease, and even boost your immune system. Garlic is a powerful anti-viral which can reduce your chances for catching common infections and common gold. Garlic also has many natural anti-oxidant properties. Fish  contain valuable omega-3 fatty acids. And help lower [...]