Shravan – A Season of Fasts not Feasts

While the monsoons in India are lined with a number of religious festivals, the Hindu month of Shravan is known to be the holiest and the most auspicious month of the year and is marked by fasts which run into the whole month. While a lot of people attribute their fasts to the religious significance of the season, a logical explanation to fasting could be that it helps detox your body and does your system a whole lot of [...]

Learn these 10 Healthy Tiffin Ideas and start a change

Learn these 10 Healthy Tiffin Ideas and start a change

“I must stop eating lunch out every day. Such a waste of money and risk to health!” Ever find yourself saying this? Don’t let the guilt set in, because many of us feel exactly the same way. With our fast-paced, ever hectic schedules, eating right most often crosses our minds only when that oily pav bhaaji from the canteen has made its way down our tummies, while doing its worst. To help you get the ‘eating healthy’ ball rolling, [...]

The Impact of GI on Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a condition which is caused in humans by the body's inability to make or absorb the hormone insulin efficiently. Insulin is responsible for the absorption of glucose by our body’s cells, in other words insulin is a vital hormone for metabolizing energy. Due to the nature of the disease it is obvious that diabetes is closely linked and even dependent on the patient’s diet, and though diabetes cannot be treated after onset, it can be [...]