Green Healthy Idlis

Green Healthy Idlis



High Anti Inflammatory factors
Highly Alkaline
Boosts Immune system
Improves Digestion time
Good for Eye Health

Bored of having poha, upma, porridges, chapatis , dosas, idlis etc as your healthy breakfast? Don’t worry we have a healthy breakfast option with a twist for you.

Green healthy idlis are a variations made to the common healthy breakfast of idlis. It is rather a healthier version of normal idlis. The rice batter is replaced by Rawa. Addition of palak and green peas improves the nutritional quality and also gives a different colour to the idli making it attractive for kids too. Use of ginger and garlic makes it easy for digestion. These idlis can be given different shapes using food cutters/ food shapers.

Go ahead and make a healthy breakfast by using the below mentioned recipe.



Green Healthy Idlis (Serves 6)


  • 60 grams Rava (Semoila)
  • 10 grams Palak (Spinach)
  • 5 grams Ginger
  • 1/2 teaspoon Garlic Clove
  • 40 grams Onion
  • 30 grams Low Fat Dahi (Curd)
  • 10 gram Green Peas
  • *Salt to taste
  • *Fruit Salt: 1/4 teaspoon


  • Roast the Rawa.
  • After it cools add Curds, Fruit Salt (eno) and Salt.
  • Mix Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Palak and make a paste.
  • To this paste add Peas and mix it well with the batter add water if required.
  • Pour this batter in the Idli stand and steam it for 10 minutes or till a knife comes out clean.
  • Hot with chutney.

Nutritive Value

Cal   Carbs   Proteins    Fats
32          7                 1               0 

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