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High Blood Pressure – The Silent Killer | 7 Tips To Stay Healthy

High blood pressure or Hypertension has become a common ailment, thanks to our stressful and pressure-driven lives.  Medical Science defines it as a condition where blood flowing through arteries exerts more than the normal pressure on artery walls. Doctors have branded it the “silent killer” as it can lie undetected for years but manifests itself through some devastating effects like cardio-vascular or nephrological complications, haemorrhages and strokes. If your systolic pressure is above 120mm/Hg and diastolic pressure is above [...]

The Porous Bone: Risk And Remedies

Osteoporosis means “porous bones”. The human bone is a living tissue that is constantly broken down and replaced. Osteoporosis occurs when the creation of a new bone doesn't keep up with the removal of the old bone, making the bones weak and brittle (soft).You are at risk if you are -Above the age of 50 Menopausal women Thin and weak Leading an inactive life Have any medical condition that causes bone loss, such as celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis etc. Consuming certain medicines, such as [...]

Learn these 10 Healthy Tiffin Ideas and start a change

Learn these 10 Healthy Tiffin Ideas and start a change

“I must stop eating lunch out every day. Such a waste of money and risk to health!” Ever find yourself saying this? Don’t let the guilt set in, because many of us feel exactly the same way. With our fast-paced, ever hectic schedules, eating right most often crosses our minds only when that oily pav bhaaji from the canteen has made its way down our tummies, while doing its worst. To help you get the ‘eating healthy’ ball rolling, [...]

The Impact of GI on Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a condition which is caused in humans by the body's inability to make or absorb the hormone insulin efficiently. Insulin is responsible for the absorption of glucose by our body’s cells, in other words insulin is a vital hormone for metabolizing energy. Due to the nature of the disease it is obvious that diabetes is closely linked and even dependent on the patient’s diet, and though diabetes cannot be treated after onset, it can be [...]