Jain Diet Recipes especially during Paryushan

Recipes for Festival of Paryushan

Paryushan is a festival celebrated by Jains during the month of August or September for eight days. During this festival, Jains shift to a strict Jain Diet. In this strict Jain Diet they aren’t allowed to eat roots and tubers, green vegetables, fruits and dry fruits. So what to cook is a question that goes on in the mind of every home maker. Here we have come up with a few recipes that can be easily included in the Jain [...]

Quick and Easy Diwali Sweet Recipes

Baked Multi grain Karanji (Serves 2) Ingredients: For outer layer 1 1/2 Cup Multi Grain Flour 10 Grams Ghee 1/8 teaspoon Salt For Filling 1/8th Cup Almonds, Coarsely Powdered 1/8th Cup Pistas, Coarsely Powdered 1/8th Cup Raisins, Cut into halves 1 Teaspoon Cardamom Powder, Freshly powdered 1 Teaspoon Flaxseeds 1 Teaspoon Pumpkin Seeds Recipe: Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celsius Combine the Flour, Ghee and salt in a bowl, mix it until the mixture resembles a coarse meal Sprinkle water onto the crumbly dough and with your hands push the dough from the sides to the [...]

Enjoy Healthy Food This Gudi Padwa – Puran Poli

Healthy Food - Puran Poli With A Twist Enjoy this great twist to the tradition Puran Poli making it a Healthy Food suitable for all age's. Ingredients For Chapatis: 25 Gram Whole Wheat Flour 25 Gram Jowar Flour 10 Gram Soya Flour Water to knead Dough Check our other recipes - Jowar Methi Roti, Soya Upma Receipe For Filling: 1/4 Tea_Sp Ghee 1/4 Cup Coconut Fresh, Grated 25 Gram Jaggery 1/8 Tea_Sp Cardamom Powder 1 Tea_Sp Halim (Garden Cress Seeds) 1 Tea_Sp Flax Seeds Check our Blog on 6 Health Boosting Super Seeds For Cooking: 2 Tea_Sp [...]