Success Stories | Bhaskar Banerjee | Lost 10 kg in 3.5 months

Success Stories | Bhaskar Banerjee | Lost 10 kg in 3.5 months

Being a foodie all my life, I have cherished eating. I loved all kinds of non vegetarian fare and ate a lot of rice to go along. .. I ignored the damage that was happening to my body all this while. I had put on a lot and weighed 89 kgs by now. The alarm bells started ringing when I crossed this acceptable limit. I found it very hard to even maintain 85 kgs despite being quite regular with exercise. It was gym earlier, then swimming and squash. Over the years, with greater responsibilities, my work life started taking a toll on my health. Due to increased work pressure I used to end up eating more and exercising less.. I was getting frequently injured and was in pain nearly all through the year, as my weight was too high for high impact game like squash.

Over the years I had lost flexibility. I realised how bad my fitness was when I was continuously slipping while trekking on not too difficult a terrain, my knees were simply unable to support my weight while descending. This motivated me to try and reduce weight.T Considering my lifestyle and eating pattern, my dietician, Prachi, formulated a diet plan that was easy to follow. I started with 6 meals a day approach wherein I had small amount of food every couple of hours. I carried home cooked food and avoided outside eatables. My exercise regimen remained same but as my weight went down I found more energy. My stamina increased manifold , my flexibility increased and I got myself a new wardrobe as old clothes simply fell away. I feel fit and have good stamina now and am more fit than I was in last 10 years. I can play longer, have very little body aches and recovery from strenuous activity is quick.

Since I tend to forget things, I downloaded the MyDIETist app and set reminders for drinking water and eating healthy salads and snacks at regular intervals during the day. Prachi’s consultation and regular follow-ups motivated me to alter my lifestyle and eat healthy. I was able to lose 10 kgs in 3.5 months; all thanks to the MyDIETist team!

Maintaining the weight at my desired level is the best part of the regimen, I have been at 78-79 kgs for 2 months now despite travelling and extremely hectic work schedules. Despite having restriction on food I don’t feel hungry or craving for food. And I do eat junk food once a week now.

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