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Healthy Tulsi Ginger kadha – Easy Home Remedy for Cold Cough

It is an ayurvedic concoction brewed by boiling spices and herb in water. This way all the medicinal and healthful substances are leeched out in the water, increasing the availability of the super -amazing health benefits, instant and easy. Going back to the roots we bring to you few recipes of kadhas that are bursting with health benefits and goodness in each sip. This tulsi ginger kadha is brimming with therapeutic properties. The perfect blend of health boosting herbs is all [...]

Healthy Tulsi Ginger kadha – Easy Home Remedy for Cold Cough

If you have elders at home, say your Dadi or Nani then the home remedies for almost all problems would be a nice warm cup of kadha.  What is a kadha?  It is a blend of age old tradition and wonderful secrets of Ayurveda in one cup. Ajwain (carom seeds) and Saunf (fennel seeds) are a commonly used spice in every home.  It adds to the flavors in various Indian delicacies.  Ajwain seeds are rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins and [...]

Kutti(Buckwheat) Khichdi- Best Healthy Faral Options

Buckwheat or most commonly known as kuttu in India is not a cereal but a fruit seed from plant green like rhubarb and sorrel. They are rich in mineral like magnesium, manganese and copper (amazing for bone health).  In addition they are also a good source of B-complex vitamins like niacin, folate, thiamin, choline, etc. This rich nutrient profile makes its widely used food during fast.  Despite the name, buckwheat unlike wheat is gluten -free and high in protein with [...]

Sama Khichdi Recipe | Ease your fast

Sama also known as little millet is a nutritional haven for everyone. Millets the widely grown in India are nutritional powerhouses. They contain three to five times more proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals compared to wheat and rice. The best part about millet is that they don’t attract pest so fertilizer and pesticides are not commonly used. In simply terms you can enjoy all millets in there truest and organic form. Sama or little millet, though little is big on [...]

Date and Apple Healthy Shakes Recipe- Low Fat Healthy Drink

Milk, though nutritious is rarely liked by people. Most people you meet will drink milk but either in form or coffee or other flavours like syrups and powders added to it. Our Date and Apple Shake is created to spice up you original bland and boring milk. The date and apple shake is healthy, nutritious and delicious options to healthify your breakfast or as a mid-meal energizer. Milk has it all- the goodness of calcium, protein and other vital nutrients [...]

Healthy Yam and Panner Sandwich Recipe for Kids

Sandwiches are an all-time favorite but most people on diet avoid them to avoid the bread especially the white bread. But what if there is a healthy way to make your sandwiches? We bring to you sandwich in a new and unique form, a tasty treat with health at its best. The yam and Paneer sandwich, where in the goodness of Paneer and wholesome yam blended together to give you a healthiest and tastiest sandwich. The core ingredient, Paneer is [...]

Paneer and Carrot Toast

Open Paneer and Carrot Toast Recipe | By Indian Dietitains

Is breakfast not a happening affair? Tired of the same old boring options for breakfast? Well, then this open Paneer and carrot toast is the recipe you need to zing up your breakfast. This open Paneer and carrot toast is one of the best and easy-to-make healthy breakfast recipe. Healthy, tasty and crunchy, paneer and carrot toast will power up your breakfast and revive your senses to face the day ahead with vitality and vigor. We bring for you a [...]

Chia Mango Pudding Recipe

Easy Chia Mango Pudding- Healthy Dessert Recipe

The mango season is here and the tasty, juicy mangoes are found in every corner of the street. For all the mango lovers, no matter what diet plan you follow, the chia mango pudding recipe specially formulated by our dietitians will melt your heart and water your mouth. Using the healthiest of ingredients this chia mango pudding recipe lets you enjoy the mangos the healthy way. Chia seeds are small in size but the health benefits it offers are quite big. [...]

Paneer Veggie Wrap

Paneer Veggie Wrap Recipe By Indian Dietitian

We at mydietist try to make healthy eating a pleasurable process. We develop recipes which are healthy tasty and fun to eat without compromising on your diet. Bored? Looking for a quick easy fun dinner or light snack to carry with you? Try our Paneer vegetable wrap recipe, we bet you healthy eating has never been so lip-smackingly awesome. This Paneer vegetable wrap makes a perfect snack to enjoy at office, or while at lectures. They are easy to make [...]

cold avocado cucumber soup benefits

Cold Avocado Cucumber Soup Recipe – Summer Special Treat

With summer high on its heels and sun blazing heat all day long, I bet soups as a refreshing drink is last on the list. But hey! This chilled, refreshing and creamy green blend will change the way you know your soups. Avocados- a unique fruit with an abundance of healthy MUFA, is known to protect against heart diseases, osteoarthritis, diabetes etc.  Densely packed with healthful nutrients avocados promote a feeling of satiety helping you feel fuller and satisfied when [...]