Author: Dr. Santanu Sen

Tips For Kids

Juvenile Diabetes – Tips For Kids To Help Manage It

Type 1 diabetes or T1D (also known as juvenile diabetes and insulin dependent diabetes) is a chronic illness characterized by the body’s inability to produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by the beta-cells of the pancreas. The main role of insulin is to allow the uptake of glucose by various cells of the body.Glucose — a sugar — is a main source of energy for the cells that make up muscles and other tissues. In absence of insulin [...]

Tips for kids: Myth Fat Children Are Healthy Busted

Myth: Fat Children Are Healthy, With Age Baby Fat Will Go Away

Back in childhood, we all have been through the times when our mommies and grannies tried feeding us way more than what our little stomachs could accommodate. The reason being, children are supposed to be ‘healthy’ (where ‘being healthy’ denoted ‘being rotund). This very misconception is one primary reason why the number of obese people is on an alarming rise in India.Ever found yourself pinching a plump kid’s chubby cheeks because they looked cute? This very thought drives so [...]

Gift Your Child the Key to Healthy Living

Gift Your Child the Key to Healthy Living

Healthy Living –  A childhood Boon given by parents that will stay with kids even after them A few days ago I heard my little niece ask her mother why must we eat, to which her mother replied, “because food gives us the energy that we need to survive and for healthy living.” Such a simple yet apt answer; we eat because we need energy. Every time we put a bite of anything into our mouths, our body works hard [...]

8 Tips | Nutrition For Kids With Cancer

Every cell in the body has a system that controls its growth. When certain cells lose that control and grow in a way that the body can no longer regulate, it's called cancer. The body keeps on forming the new cells but is not able to replace the old ones; the extra cells can form a tumor. The things that cause cancer in kids are usually not the same ones that cause cancer in adults, such as smoking or exposure [...]

6 Ways To Raise Your Kids Fit And Healthy

Obesity is a growing health concern affecting the adult population all around the world. And now this serious health complication is also plaguing the young.Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition that occurs when a child is well above the normal weight for his or her age and height. There are many reasons why children become overweight which includes unhealthy diets, inactive lifestyle and heredity cycle. Only in rare cases being overweight is caused by a medical condition such [...]