A Guide To Healthy Living-Eating Healthy while Eating Out


A Guide To Healthy Living-Eating Healthy while Eating Out

Healthy living, is living in a healthy way and implies physical, mental and spiritual capacity of a person to make healthy choices

Hunger can strike at any hour of the clock. It could be when you are waiting for your bus, driving through the town, working long hours at the office or just while taking a long walk. And this is what changes your track and lands you on the door of your nearest restaurant. More and more people now prefer to eat out due to lack of time or convenience.

But eating outdoors shouldn’t become a reason to cave in to the fast fuelling junk food and break your healthy living practice. One meal at a restaurant can easily crash your diet plans if you’re not watchful. Though eating healthy at a restaurant isn’t easy with a variety of irresistible food on the menu and at other tables. Here are some tips to help you tackle those hunger pangs without having to sacrifice on your diet or taste.

  • Drink enough water
    Drinking water is essential to your overall being. Make sure to drink a lot of water before you start your meal to keep you full and limit your appetite from over indulging. It will also help you slow down and enjoy what you are eating.

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  • Always get a salad
    Always eat a salad before your meal so you get to eat more of the vegetables and less from the main course. Salads are also high in water and fiber content that will keep you feeling for long.

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  • Watch the salad dressings
    Vegetable salads are always a good idea towards following a healthy living but the add-ons may make it a lost cause. Keep the salad dressings like mayonnaise, shredded cheese, sauces etc. to a minimum. Also ask for your dips on the side instead of having it poured on the salad.
  • Navigate the menu
    When placing your order, browse for words like grilled, baked, boiled, poached or steamed instead of fried. This will help you narrow down some healthier options.
  • Have it your way
    Restaurants will always want to score more on taste than on health which is why it is best to inform the waiter for some customisation. You can request them to use less of oil or butter and have it substituted by olive oil so that you don’t consume those extra calories.
  • Make the healthier choice
    Try to opt for whole grains such as brown rice or whole grain bread over refined white bread. Or switch the fancy sizzling brownie or other desserts with dollops of ice cream with a nutritious fruit dessert.
  • Stick with Proteins
    Select a protein option like paneer, chicken or fish. Proteins are your best bet for food with taste and health. But make sure to get them grilled or with a salad and not fried and dipped in butter.

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  • Skip the drinks
    Drink can be diet-killers as well. Soft drinks or alcoholic drinks are loaded with sugar and have plenty of empty calories.
  • Savour the meal
    Since you have come out to eat, make sure to enjoy it. Remember to chew slowly, savour your meal and enjoy the ambience. This also gives your brain the time to estimate when you are full.

The key to eating out is to remember to eat only till you are satisfied and not until you are stuffed. You can find healthy options on in any restaurant menu and now that you know what to look for, you can stay on track with your diet whether you are eating at home or outside.

Always remember Healthy Living isn’t a goal to be achieved for short term but it’s a lifetime gift to yourself
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  • Sats Reply

    Nice informative read, as it is always challenging to stick to healthier option more so when we go with family

    Look forward for such good reads

    October 14, 2015 at 10:30 pm
    • myadmin Reply

      Thanks Sats for your appreciation. It keeps us motivated.

      Team MyDIETist

      November 6, 2015 at 3:19 pm

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