9 Ways | Gift Yourself a Healthy Heart This Valentine’s Day

9 Ways | Gift Yourself a Healthy Heart This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the air already smells different. It not only smells like chocolate and roses but also smells like love. This Valentine’s Day, let’s promise ourselves to love our dear heart more than we currently do. And by heart, we don’t mean your partner but your actual beating heart.

Our heart is one of the most important gifts given to us. But due to our stressed lives, we haven’t been able to pay as much attention to it as we ought to. There are many songs and poems that talk about how a broken heart can kill someone. The truth is that it’s not a broken heart but a weak heart which can kill us.

Every year a substantial number of people are diagnosed with a weak heart. The reasons for which are changes in our lifestyle and eating pattern, changes in work schedules and timings, and excessive stress, all of which lead to a weak heart. We shouldn’t have to wait till we are older to take care of our heart. Instead, we must start today irrespective of how old we are, because contrary to popular belief, your heart’s health can get affected at any given time.

This Valentine’s Day, take a vow to do at least some of these things that will keep you and your heart healthy:

1) Manage your body weight: Make sure that you eat healthy and exercise so that you don’t put on extra pounds, which are definitely not good for the heart.

2) Include fiber-rich food in your diet: Sprouts, fruits, vegetables which are high in insoluble fiber help with digestion and keeps your heart healthy.

3) Have at least 6-7 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day: Fruits and vegetables are easy to digest and also help in putting less pressure on the body; so make sure that you consume enough fruits and vegetables every day.

4) Start opting for healthy fats over unhealthy fats: Junk food is tempting. We understand that. But instead of reaching out for fries, reach out for an apple.

5) Watch your salt intake: Watch the amount of salt you consume everyday because too much salt is definitely not good for the heart.

6) Be regular with exercise: Exercise not only makes you happy but it also keeps your heart healthy.

7) Reduce your alcohol consumption: Too much alcohol is definitely not good for the heart.

8) Quit smoking: If not for the unpleasant smoke stains, say goodbye to smoking for a healthy heart.

9) Regularly monitor your heart: Regular monitoring of the heart ensures that it’s functioning fine so don’t wait for a sign to go see your cardiologist. Do it anyway!


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