7 Reasons To Go Organic

7 Reasons To Go Organic for a Healthy Living

7 Reasons To Go Organic

“Organic” is fast becoming the buzzword for enlightened Indians who are concerned about Healthy Living. In fact, eating organic and eating right is now becoming a growing need. Today, in the quest to increase profits, markets are employing unethical chemicals, hormones, pesticides and farming methods that result in foods that are not only less tasty and less nutritious but can lead to insidious poisoning and cause severe damage to our health in the long run.

Organic food, on the other hand, turns out to be a much safer option, not only for people who consume it but also for the environment. Farmers who grow organic crops use only natural compost for fertilizing the soil. Organic food hence is grown without the aid of chemical pesticides that can be toxic and carcinogenic and is also free of hormones that potentially disturb internal functions.

Organic fruits and vegetables taste and look better and these benefits are nowadays also extended in poultry and milk products. Farm animals that graze on green pasture lands and are not given any doses of hormones or antibiotics produce healthier and tastier products in the form of milk, eggs or meat which is free of any chemicals.

A huge section of our population is embracing the organic brigade even though it comes at higher cost than other traditionally produced foods. Read on to learn the major benefits of organic foods and why you should embrace them.

  • Rich in Antioxidants
    Modern research reveals that food manufactured or grown organically boosts the potency of antioxidants, naturally found in fruits and veggies. As there are no foreign chemicals to interact in a negative way with the natural and essential nutrients, the organically grown fruits retain their positive food value.
  • No Genetic Tampering
    Organic food is free from genetically modified substances or GMO. Consuming GMO-free food will abate the risk of allergies and many other health issues that may arise due to tampering with the genes.
  • Prevents Cancer
    Your organs are all made to stay in shape and function in full form, without any vicious cell formation or proliferation. With zero percent toxic chemicals and a high percentage of antioxidants, organic food keeps the damaging impact of free radicals under check.
  • Improves Immunity
    According to modern research, consumption of organic foods can lead to a rise in the immune system T-cells. Thereby, developing your immunity power and helping your body to become more agile and function better leading to healthy living.
  • Keeps your Heart Healthy
    The high levels of flavanoids in organic food actually boosts your cardiovascular health and prevent the risks of any heart diseases.
  • Loaded with Vital Nutrients
    All essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients have found their place in organic food in their most original form. You can get all the nutritional benefits as there is no interference of harmful chemicals in organic foods to destroy their structure or cause a drop in nutrition level.
  • Safe for the Environment
    Organic Farming adopts eco-friendly methods as the crops are cultivated using chemical-free green manures. Even the organically reared animals that produce milk, meat and eggs are fed with 100 percent natural food and maintained in a complete natural ambience. This helps maintain ecological balance and doesn’t pollute the environment.There are times when one must look at the wider picture. And when it comes to food, organic is the healthier way out as the benefits far outweigh the extra amount you spend on them. So lead a healthy living and give your health a boost and while you’re at it earn some good deed points from Mother Earth too.

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