Diwali: A Festival Or A Feast | 6 Tips To Stay Fit

6 Ways to Help You Lose Weight At Home This Diwali

Diwali: A Festival Or A Feast | 6 Tips To Stay Fit

Diwali is here. The time of the year where everyone sends their diet for a toss and dives right in to the mithai platter. Diwali brings along with it a lot of relatives, a lot of food and a lot of good times. But apart from the lights and family get-togethers, Diwali is a festival coated in ghee and sugar.

The grandeur of sweet treats and rich meals is seen across households in India. Sweets are shared around in circles from one house to another to share the savoury goodness of Diwali. But despite the good eats and time away from office, festivals can take a toll on our physical well being. This can be a landmine especially for health-conscious people. But no need to fear, there are smart ways to navigate this territory. We have figured out some ways to get you through the festivities with your fitness, health and happiness intact.

  1. Don’t look at the festival as just a food event
    Let’s remember that it is the festival of light and not the festival of food. We all love the savoury side of Diwali with the mithai, chiwda, chakli, kheer and the list goes on. But don’t toss out your months of efforts by mindlessly gorging in one day. While we agree, a little indulgence is a must but the key here lies in moderation.
  2. Check for healthy recipes
    Transform your Diwali table with some healthier versions of the favourite festive recipes. If you truly look for it, you will find healthier versions at shops but it would be better to make the healthier alterations to your food at home. Use options like skimmed milk, honey, dates, jaggery and figs for your preparations. Also try roasting or baking instead of frying and keep the size of the sweets to a minimum.
  3. Enjoy the company of family and friends
    Now that you have all your closed ones assembled, spend some quality time with them. Use this occasion to enjoy the company, socialize and be present instead of looking around for the festive treats.
  4. Give healthy gifts
    Change begins from you. So give the traditional gifting of ghee-laden sweet boxes a skip this year. Make your own healthy mithai that keeps a check on the caloric content or opt for a gifting a healthy box of dry fruits, organic food items or exotic herbs. Try to remain healthy and also encourage others to adopt a low cal lifestyle. Besides, what can be better than the gift of good health?
  5. Keep the food celebration indoors
    It’s easy to get swayed by the spirit of celebration and the lucrative deals all around. But instead of relishing outdoors, celebrate Diwali at home so you can keep the food light, but no less festive. And even if you go out to eat, it would be a good idea to eat something nutritious that will keep your hunger pangs at bay, preventing you from bringing on junk snacks.
  6. Don’t give up on your exercise or diet
    All the shopping and running errands amidst the festivities can lead to fast food, skipping meals, or surrendering your exercise regime. So before the parties pile up and the festive season gets closer, try getting into the habit of exercise. If carving out an hour-long workout is tough, divide your exercises into ten minute blocks throughout the day.

So this Diwali, lets mark the festival of lights with the victory of good food over the junk and embark on a healthy lifestyle.

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