6 Secrets To Get In Shape Before New Year

6 Secrets about How to Lose Weight before New Year

6 Secrets To Get In Shape Before New Year

Most of us are familiar with making New Year resolutions about getting into shape, only to lose them somewhere down the line.
Actually, more than a just weak resolution, there are a host of other factors that keep us from getting into shape, such as:

  • Busy lifestyle, especially in metro cities
  • Socializing
  • Festivals
  • Work pressure
  • Lack of physical activity or exercise
  • Improper eating habits and low awareness of dietary solutions
  • Crash diets

Some starve themselves to shed those excess pounds in a jiffy, only to put them back sooner than they lost them. Others may find it convenient to shop for extra size clothes each time they gain inches. The solution to the most difficult question on how to lose weight  lies in achieving a gradual weight loss over a few months.

So for 2017, how about starting a few weeks earlier? How would you like it if you actually took that journey and saw positive results by New Year’s eve? Now that would be some motivation to get you to continue with it through the new year. However, the question that would pop up in the mind is how to lose weight and whether it is really possible to achieve some results in a matter of 10-12 days? Well, the answer is ‘yes’.

Here are 6 easy-to-follow tips, which can work wonders in shaping you up for New Year’s eve:

  1.  Revise your diet: First, consult a dietician to find out whether you are eating right. Adopt the correct eating habits. You may be surprised to know that your new diet can actually be interesting and pleasing to your taste buds.
  2. Avoid anything that is deep fried: From the time you stop munching on chips, samosas and other deep fried savories, you will feel more active, energetic and fit. Needless to say, you can start slimming this way.
  3. Regular meals: Follow the 5-meals-a-day formula; small portions at an interval of two hours.. Long gaps between meals slow down metabolism as the body decides to conserve energy. And slow metabolism does not help in weight loss.
  4. Don’t ignore the important food groups: Include foods that are high on fiber and protein and low on carbs and fats.
  5. Drink water: Drinking plenty of water helps in weight loss while keeping the skin healthy and glowing.
  6. Exercise: Last, but not the least, allow exercise to take a 30% place in your fitness regime It will go a long way keeping you fit.

Brace yourself for the new year with a resolution that starts showing results from the very first day of 2017.
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