6 Health Boosting Super Seeds

6 Health Boosting Super Seeds in your diet plan for weight loss

6 Health Boosting Super Seeds

With increased pollution and environmental stress more and more people are focusing on organic food and healthy ways of preparing so that most of its vitamins and minerals are intact. There are ingredients that you could add to your food to boost nutritional value and one of the top choices would be super seeds. Seeds like Flax, Sunflower, Garden Cress, Pumpkin, Sesame, Chia etc. add a burst of flavor and beneficial health advantages to your cooked food.

You can really hit high on nutrition meters with tiny compact nutrition bombs called ‘seeds’.

Seeds are really popular now because of their high concentration of vitamins, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and fiber and they come in small packages and are easy to consume. A perfect example of ‘big things coming in small packages’, these six powerhouse seeds have been nourishing cultures around the world for eons and now it’s time to add them to your diet for weight loss to enjoy their wonderful health benefits.

Read on to understand how to make food healthier and tastier with these potent seeds.

  1. Flax Seeds: These have a delicious nutty flavor and an important cancer fighting capacity induced by nutrients like Lignan and Omega 3 fatty acids. Heart disease, diabetes the risk of stroke too can be abated to a large extent with flax seed consumption.
    Healthy Twist: Make bread out of wholesome flaxseed atta, relish salted flaxseed raita or buttermilk which could even be sweetened with honey. You can use roasted flaxseeds in your tongue-teasing mukhwas.
  2. Sunflower Seeds: Sunflower seeds have a lot of essential minerals and vitamins like folate, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, manganese, niacin and other powerful antioxidants. Strong arthritis free bones, healthy heart, youthful skin, a diabetes free life and a relaxed stress-free mind are the benefits these seeds can offer you once you include it in your diet plan for weight loss.
    Healthy Twist: Add roasted sunflower seeds to your salad or to your mukhwas mix to make it delightfully crunchy.
  3. Sesame Seeds: These seeds are high in Linoleic Acids (Omega 6 Fatty Acid) which controls cholesterol. Sesame seeds also have scores of other benefits. These seeds safeguard your bones from osteoporosis, prevent eye diseases, safeguard your DNA from radiation damage, keep wrinkles at bay, prevent cancer and do so much more.
    Healthy Twist: Stud your rotis, theplas, parathas with sesame and see how awesome they taste. Also temper your vegetables with sesame seeds to raise its taste and nutritional value.
  4. Garden Cress Seeds are known as halim or aliv. These little brownish red colored seeds are peppery and tangy in flavor and are packed with vitamins and other healthy nutrients. Good dental health, good cardiovascular health, good vision are guaranteed once you consume these seeds in your diet plan for weight loss. Also Garden Cress has high cancer fighting properties.
    Healthy Twist: Being highly versatile on taste, these seeds can added into a number of foods. From chutneys like imli, pudina and tomato to your favourite kheer to lemon water, a yummy tangy punch is guaranteed. But do bear in mind that however tasty they may be, these seeds need to be used in limited quantities.
  5. Chia Seeds: Hailing from the Sabudana family, these earthy flavored seeds are loaded with calcium and adds almost as much benefit to food as a slice of Cheddar. Chia seeds control blood glucose levels, improve digestion, energy metabolism, check obesity and improve cognitive performance.
    Healthy Twist: Increase the nutrition value of your favorite smoothies or lime water by adding a spoonful of Chia seeds. These seeds could also be added to your glass of milk.
  6. Pumpkin Seeds: These seeds are delicious as well as high on protein and fiber. They keep your heart and liver healthy, fight insomnia, post menopausal symptoms and help maintain sound prostate health.
    Healthy Twist: Pumpkin seeds desserts are quite famous. Add them in soups, salads and in mukhwas for a delightful flavor apart from the noteworthy crunch they offer.

Apart from the above ways of incorporating these seeds in your diet plan for weight loss, you can make your own recipe too. Nutribars are the ‘in’ thing now. So why not make a tasty potent nutribar out of these seeds? Roast all seeds, add high-fiber oats to the mix, grated almonds, walnuts, melted jaggery and wait till the jaggery solidifies. Your energy-giving, health-boosting, seed-studded nutribar will be ready to eat in no time!
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